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Long time...

Ok... I haven't write in here since June last year  It's been more than a year but not much happened...Speaking about Wushu, in June I competed at the X International Wushu Tournament of Ourense, in Spain I participated in 4 categories: Nanquan, Nandao, Traditional Short Weapons and Traditional Barehands, and got 3 gold and 1 silver.I was happy with my results because this year I couldn't train as much as I wanted due to my exams at university. ...Read more

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IX International Wushu Tournament of Ourense

Last weekend I went to Ourense, north of Spain, alongside my mates from the National Team to participate in the famouse International Wushu Tournament of Ourense

Last year I participated in Nandao, Traditional Southern Fist and Traditional Short Weapons. But this year my coach wanted me to participate only in modern Wushu so I can get more "rotation". So I competed in Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun.

The results weren't bad at all! I got a bron...Read more

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New wushu shoes! Finally!

My new wushu shoes finally arrived! I received the package I ordered from a store in Lisbon (Kwon portuguese store) at home  It's Budosaga shoes but I am sure they aren't original because unfortunatly they are not in leather. Anyways, this ones are much better than the ones I use and were cheap (25€) This shoes have a thin sole around all the surface to let you feel the carpet and to get a good sense of the floor and maintain better bal...Read more

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National Championships 2010

****It's true! This year I competed in 5 categories: Traditional Barehands (Fuok), Traditional Short Weapons, Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun and I get the 1st place in all of them!5 Golden medals! I am really pleased with the training results, considering that the Nandao routine is new, it was created specially for this championship! :) Nanquan and Nandao's routines were the same I performed at the Europeans. My club was national champion by teams because we get more points at the in...Read more

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