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Wise & Proper Fall/Winter 09

Some shots from the Fall/Winter 09 line up:

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I've been such a horrible blogger...I'm just not very good at it. Twitter has been something I picked up and got into I think because you're forced to write an entry within the 140 character limit. So you have to get to the point and no writing stuff out in detail or providing long descriptions...which I guess suits me well because I always seem to have a shortage of time.  Anyway, to get to the point I just wanted to post up a couple of updates on my end.  Firstly, we launched the online store Read more

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UFC 94 weekend in VEGAS

I went to VEGAS end of january this year for my birthday to watch UFC 94!  My very first time in Vegas and first time watching a UFC live!  I knew i had to fly down to watch it when i found out 2 of my fav. fighters were to have a re-match! GSP and BJ Penn!!! Some highlights of the trip:

Being there in person was an amazing experience...Read more

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FUN w/ GUNS Photoshoot

My brother who's quite an amazing freelance photographer these days took some FUN pics of me  last wk. with my desert eagle!  You can check his portfolio out here:  http://www.alexlaw.dphoto.com/  He's also an official artist here on AnD too:  http://www.alivenotdead.com/alexlaw

He actually owns this hat :...Read more

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Wise & Proper Spring/Summer 09

I'm posting some pics from the Wise & Proper Spring/Summer 09 Collection that Marina modeled for us in Vancouver.  They will be available for sale starting beginning of April in Canada.  And the online store should be ready during this time too!

(the rest can be seen online at): www.wiseandproper.com

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UFC Fighters

I'm in Canada for a couple of months....thought i would post a couple of pics i had taken with 2 fighters from UFC.  One is Kenny "KenFlo" Florian, he is the top contender for the Lightweight belt currently held by BJ Penn and the other is Anderson "The Spider" Silva who is the current Middle Weight Champion.  They are both black belts in BJJ and very respected mma fighters.  So i was very thrilled to have met them both this month! 

Kenny "KenFLo" Florian:

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AnD Halloween Party @ Azure

Another late blog 

Would like to say many thanks to the AnD crew for putting on such a cool Halloween Party ... was realli fun!! The pics on my camera cant be uploaded until I get back to Vancouver 'coz I had to take them using the camera's internal memory and i didnt bring the cord i need in order to upload them to my laptop to hk....so these pics are from my cousin's camera....not that many 'coz unfortunately we didnt stay too long as we had another party to g...Read more

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Thailand BJJ Competition

~Sept. 27.2008~

[Extremely Late Blog] 

I'm obviously a very horrilbe blogger since i'm only getting around to posting up pics of my competition that happened back in September.

Anyway, in short.....Competitors flew in to Bangkok from all over including the U.S., Bahrain, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guam, Singapore, Malyasia, Japan,  Phillippines, Indonesia, Australia....

Was an amazing experience and got to meet many fellow bjj...Read more

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Important Message

Hi Everyone!!

I watched something really profound today and I want to share it with all of YOU ...my mom in Vancouver sent me an email today and usually I just delete them because she tends to send me A LOT of forwarded junk mail...but this particular one was a link to a video of this University Professor who made his last lecture to his students because he found out he only had a couple of months to live due to cancer.  The video is of him sharing the lecture with Oprah's audience.  He has many important messag...Read more

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BJJ Tournament in HK

Have been really busy but I've been meaning to make a post on the BJJ Tournament that took place in Kowloon on Jan. 27th.  It was a competition between all the bjj clubs in hk.  Our Club came Second in the overall team scores. We took 5 Golds and 3 silvers in the competition!  It was really exciting to watch and cheer on our team mates!  There had to have been over 50 ppl. competing....As for the female fighters, there were only 5 girls in total including myself and 3 of us belong to the same club.  Not only that the 2 other girls wh...Read more

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