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I've been gone far too long...

Hello lovely people! I'm back - here is the sad truth, by the time i get time away from my son (ie him napping) and getting regular chores done, and to all my appts throughout the day - i'm zapped! i barely have enough energy to update my facebook page! (sorry, if you are looking for me there i'm a close friend and family kinda girl) - that's why i have an account here! in case anyone is curious to know what i'm up to, what's going on... etc... i'll tell you what - I have been working on several projects a little bit everyday. The first one we have gathered a group of like minded artists around us and created THE COLLECTIVE. Its our very own cooperative among us all with our own rules and resources. we help each other out. we source work for each other. its the best thing we can do while being based in singapore in a market that doesn't know what to do with us, and frankly isn't motivated to do so anyway. so being ignored makes discontent grow. so we decided to do something positive instead. so check out our logo and go to our temporary site if you like.http://www.thecollective-asia.comThere are only 8 of us, but the smaller the better. and there we are. check us out! You can contact us directly for more information for work, look at websites, or just have a looksee.More later on those other projects!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
welcome back!! i like the idea of the collective. best of luck with that!
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March 7, 2009