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Hello again!

Me and my guide in the jungles of Borneo filming for "Heritage Hunter".WOW! time sure flies in the tropics!I have not been to this profile in a long time, and i really hope to change that. this year has been BIG for me. I am the main presenter on HBO Asia, along with Oli Pettigrew who covers Cinemax. I also got to spend this year traveling for a show called HERITAGE HUNTER currently airing on Channel News Asia. I also traveled a bit for the Food Network Asia shorts that are also currently airing. I have another short blog on www.lindablackonline.com which has me doing my day to day things. I promise i will be here more often to update this site as well.Take care, happy holidays, and be back soon!-linda

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thanks for the update! how was the jungle?
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welcome back!!!
8 年多 ago
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thanks - its good to be back! the jungle was awesome - i'm a big fan having been to them since i was a kid. But leeches make my skin crawl :P
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Photo by Zurina Bryant.


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March 7, 2009