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Christofle Event at Opera Gallery Ion

Christofle Event at Opera Gallery ION 

Christofle Event at Opera Gallery IONJune 30 - On this evening i had the privilege to attend the Christofle Event at Opera Gallery in Ion by my good friend Cedric Tan. Now i’ve know Cedric from back in the day (and by back in the day i mean 6 yrs ago when i moved to Singapore) and he always had the kindness of heart to book me for his catwalk and informal modeling jobs. I have always loved Cedric, but none more so than the time he invited me and my then boyfriend Oli, and ou...Read more

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FIRST Film Fest in Singapore

FIRST Film Fest for The New Paper

Just a couple of days ago, my very good friend Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie (Official Website HERE) and I were invited to present an award for a filmmakers competition that was hosted by The New Paper - a local newspaper in Singapore. I was very excited to go - a love grassroots endeavors and chances for people to be recognized for their skill and efforts. Despite a niggling sinus infection, i even went shopping with Cynthia t...Read more

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Mosaic Music Fest

Last night i dragged my good friend Zurina Bryant out to the Esplanade to catch a showing of d.v.d - a Japanese percussive/visual music group. I'm not a music fest kind of person, and i don't go to concerts. Since i was 19 and able to go, i've only been to two - the Cranberries when i was 19, and The Singapore Music Fest just last year. I'm not into big crowds of people, shouting to be heard, and long lines for the toilet. I have such an eclectic taste in music that i deem it only to be shared with consenting adults. neverth...Read more

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Hello again!

Me and my guide in the jungles of Borneo filming for "Heritage Hunter".WOW! time sure flies in the tropics!I have not been to this profile in a long time, and i really hope to change that. this year has been BIG for me. I am the main presenter on HBO Asia, along with Oli Pettigrew who covers Cinemax. I also got to spend this year traveli...Read more

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Something Big is Coming to AXN


Something big is coming to AXN!!!

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Something Big is Coming to AXN


Something big is coming to AXN!!!

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I've been gone far too long...

Hello lovely people! I'm back - here is the sad truth, by the time i get time away from my son (ie him napping) and getting regular chores done, and to all my appts throughout the day - i'm zapped! i barely have enough energy to update my facebook page! (sorry, if you are looking for me there i'm a close friend and family kinda girl) - that's why i have an account here! in case anyone is curious to know what i'm up to, what's going on... etc... i'll tell you what - I have been working on several ...Read more

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HBO Friday Picture House

Hello lovely people - here is a montage of my latest show on HBO Signature. This is Friday Picture House. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDQ00Th32hs

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Some commercials for your viewing pleasure

Hello hello - i know its been ages but does it help if i say i've been busy? probably not. for those of you not in the know i have a 1yr old child, a job at HBO Signature (hosting Friday Picture House) and in what little spare time i have left i still model and i'm still working on the sequel to my first novel: Deathwish called The Ties That Bind. I'm just a little busy. And Busy is GOOOOD!!! soon i'll be uploading some of my programs but for now here is a commercial i did right before i went on hi...Read more

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ELLE Magazine on the Stands

Hello all - the feature i shot for Elle Magazine is now out in the May edition of the magazine. Thanks to Catong, the fashion editor from Elle for letting me take part - it was a really fun shoot, and quick too!

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Photo by Zurina Bryant.


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March 7, 2009