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Museums only display maybe 20% of their collections... we need to thoroughly sort through them more often.....! I am sure more treasures will be uncovered...



I went for a walk tonight... up and down darkened streets, chilled by the kiss of autumn... missing dearly the warmth of Halloween decor... the magic of that mirthful season, fading... like the memory of a carnival... now on its way out of town....as I step into shadow...

Our sun is still putting on quite a show...!

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I would love to find one....!

My hero: "When he was growing up, he heard older people say with regret that they hadn't done the things they wanted to do," his son said Monday. "He decided he was going to live a life of adventure so he wouldn't have any regrets."

Twilight Zone Day! I absolutely loved the series...! The most personally memorable episode (since I can't pick a 'favorite') was "Eye of the Beholder". Also, if you have not read Marc Zicree's book, you NEED to do that immediately, hehe. I listened to the audio of it while watching the episodes - it was like a fabulous running commentary...! http://www.amazon.com/Twilight-...Read more

And now back to my regularly scheduled life....

Happy Birthday to Kong.... Happy Birthday to Kong.... happy birthday to the King.... happy birthday to Kong!!!



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