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The Demise of Final Cut Pro 7 and What Now Fills the Void.

I thought it would be a nice historical record to retain what I have written over the past few years, mainly about Final Cut Pro 7, and my Editing Instruction so you can still read up on it throughout these blog entries. What is written directly below, however, is the reality you will encounter today.And, Boy! the world has changed so much there is little time to document it! Here is a brief synopsis of where the world has taken us...EditPlus has closed it's commercial doors (although Dave...Read more

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Swordplay or Playing with Swords

It's been pointed out to me that169 days have past since my last blog entry. Woof, I've had a busy summer! But boy, have I collected up a lot to say. :)

I am continuing my Final Cut Pro 7 instruction in Los Angeles at least through Jan 1, when i expect to be starting on a project currently in the writing stage. I have a number of blog entries below on my tutoring, which gives the student an ability to cut using the program, in two 4-hour sessions for a fee of $500 if anyone wants to check them out. Whether I&#...Read more

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My Final Cut Pro 7 Instruction

Actually, the "why" should come before the "what..."Why:Apple created a consumer friendly editing system from their basic iMovie application that they named Final Cut Pro X. They eliminated many of the tools that professional post production studios must use to create their programming, on the grounds that what they created was more advanced, and what they cut from their new editing program was no longer necessary.Unfortunately, post houses over the past ten years, have invested heavily in the specific work-...Read more

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Final Cut Pro 7 Instruction, Yes 7 :)

Recently, I have been receiving more and more calls for Final Cut Pro Studio instruction. Since the advent of Final Cut X, it appears that the Final Cut Pro we all know and love is still required by many post houses in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

As a result, I have decided to fill the void and continue offering instruction. I became an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer/Editor with an exam score of 96.4 and genuinely enjoy sharing the knowledge. A certificate will be available upon completion to prove you kno...Read more

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Title Page of Your Screenplay

While everyone who writes a screenplay, quickly discovers how obsessive the industry is about proper formatting, it takes a little longer to realize that the proper formatting of your title page, alone, can determine whether your story gets read or rejected before the first page is turned.

Like many of the other idiosyncrasies that seem so unfair governing this industry, there actually is some logic behind it and it is mainly created by the sheer volume of properties arriving on agents, producers, and studio desks. 

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A little housekeeping and AVID TUTORING

Hi Everyone,

I apologize to all my friends who have been sending me emails. It appears that emails from Asia have been ending up in my spam folder, and there are a ton there now I need to translate.

I speak only English and French, except for the basics like greetings in other languages so it will take me a while to get back to you, but I will!


While continuing to work with my Avid clients since the advent of Final Cut Pro, I really focused on FCP to teach editing. However...Read more

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A Word about Final Cut X and some 1-Second Solutions in Final Cut Pro

Well, now I've had a chance to get some hands-on experience with Final Cut X, i am once again surprised by the emotional reactions by some editors to innovation.

Final Cut Pro X is fun. It's different and many menus, while there, are hidden so you have to explore a bit.

I'm not giving up Final Cut Pro Studio 3 for a while but I can now decide which application is best suited to the project at hand. What's wrong with that?  My bottom line advice would be ha...Read more

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Final Cut Pro Tip Number Two

Well, A tip a week just isn't possible but I'll try to add to them as often as I can. Every two or three weeks seems like about it. :)

Without  further ado, Tip Number Two.

Everyone is familiar with "CUT" "COPY" and "PASTE," we've been using them with word processors since the beginning of personal computing. We have these functions in Final Cut Pro, as well, but they are surprisingly underused.

You don't have to option/drag clips back and forth in the Time...Read more

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Final Cut Pro Tip of the Week

Final Cut Pro Tip of the Week:

One of the most exciting features of Final Cut Pro (as well as Avid) editing are the "JKL" keys. Invented by Avid, they were adopted by Final Cut after an outcry by editors at an early demonstration of Final Cut. At the end of the demo, at the first call for questions, everyone yelled out, they say, in unison, "Where are my "JKL" keys?" Apple realized the oversight and immediately remapped the keyboard. 

"L" plays normally, (downstream)

...Read more
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My Final Cut Pro Editing Instruction in Los Angeles

For those of you who don't know, I am an Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer (notice the keyboard at the top of my page)?

Anyway, I've been teaching both Avid and Final Cut for years and advertising it around L.A. I offer one-day crash courses, one-on-one, or for small groups by appointment These are 8 hour courses but the time may be split into 2 four-hour sessions. My contact info is at the bottom of this blog. I am one of the few instructors still offering Final Cut Pro 7 training due ...Read more

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