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Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Got invited to the festival in Taiwan.  Kudos to the organisers - taiwan national museum of fine arts.  great host - isabella and other.  Always fun to hang out with film professionals around the world.  Ki Ho from Korea is a riot.  And Eloi from Portugal ...Read more

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Writing for Muse

Trying my hands at writing feature articles.  In some ways, it is like making a documentary.  Interviewing subjects, trying to get to the bottom of the issue.  And there is a lot of storytelling involved.  What a fun and complementary break from filmmaking.  Will keep you posted when it comes out.

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Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival

After much fun and hard work, the first Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival opens! The festival features a number of locally made independent films (the scene is getting more vibrant as the mainstream film industry slows, HK filmmaking doesn't die!)  along with some of the most interesting works in the region.  Karl Ng (Magazine Gap Road) and Brian Burrell (Citizen King) rock in their respective filmsCheck out the site for details:www.hkaiff.hk

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love song sing it Shan and Anton

Almost done with editing Anton Wong (AnDer)'s music video for Love Song -Sing it, featuring AnD's own Shan Chen as a glorious girlfriend from hell (didn't think she could pull it off, but turns out everyone has a dark side :)  Can't wait to post it here once it's finished.  Thanks a million to Tuss, Fung, Gill, Louis :), Karl, Brian, etc.  for their effort and enthusiasm.  Hope you'll all enjoy it!

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August 23, 2007