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Tonight my brothers Brian, Joe and Ho announced that they will be leaving the band. In fact the band has been taking a break since January of this year to figure out where we are emotionally and within the various stages of our lives. Making a commitment to a band like this (and a person like me) has not been easy and will never be easy - you can ask anyone in the photo here about their experiences both within and outside the band.

Either way...when we all look back at this and what we were all able to accomplish together - all the...Read more

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After years being together, we made the decision today to leave King Ly Chee.

We would like to thank everyone that has been supporting us over the years. We are grateful to have met so many wonderful people and bands.

We are not quitting hardcore as it will always play an important role in our lives!




Brian, Ho & Joe 2017/5/5

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Guangzhou has a brand new hardcore band! Go show them your support! Tough Roach 蟑螂惡霸加油啊!!!

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have to always find the PMA...

6 exciting things going on in HK's underground:

Evocation HK 招魂 still recording Shepherds The Weak almost finished with recording 遊蕩 Yau Dong shot a music video yesterday FightxClub about to release a new song (maybe two - First Rule please!) Two Finger Salute recording first demos Parallel Horizons releasing new album in May

PMA ALL DAY FOOLS! :-) carrie who?

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let's celebrate that we don't give a fuck let's celebrate that we don't care let's celebrate that we don't give a fuck with the middle finger high in the air let's celebrate that we don't give a fuck take the night off. Pass the buck.


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Always good to see people getting together to do something for one's own community! Check out our friends Joe, To, 勝吳, Sam who've started up a new promotional company called 孖叉 Ma Cha who're going to be organizing shows under this moniker. First two events are HUGE! CNHC Fest's first ever Southern China events: April 15 (Guangzhou), April 16 (Shenzhen)!


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RIP...the real heroes are always the firefighters...the ones who run INTO a burning building...or go up to rescue idiot hikers who went out on one of Hong Kong's most difficult climbs during the RAIN and FOG...

This hero leaves behind a wife and a 6 year old child...

Rest in Power.

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Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood 不复之血 bringing the merch game to insane levels! You got your t-shirt and pins, but they also got tote bags, car fresheners and umbrellas!!!!! Soooo sick!!! Hit them up on their Facebook page to find out how you can get these!!! These are soooooo dope!!! Then get your ass ready to be pummeled by the band - new full length out this year!

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d


Hong Kong
April 19, 2007