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Hey everyone!

Hope your work week is off to a good start. I’m holed up here @WingBone South chipping away at a new album. But even better news is that I’m playing out in Nashville 3 times this week, starting tonight! Come check me out here:

1/8 The Gold Rush - 8PM full set Hosted by Sam Cooper

1/10 Millennium Maxwell House - 9:30pm Writers In-The-Round

1/11 Commodore Grille - 7:30pm Writers In-The-Round / Hosted by Debi Champion

D'Addario and Co.

nolensville #countryside #sam

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Retweeted Hideaway Cafe (@HideawayCafe):

Tix for @TweetKevinSo on 1/21 - tickets on sale now!

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The weekend is just getting started and I have a lot to be grateful for.

Last night we celebrated the birthday of producer/songwriter/guitarist Howie Moscovitch (Nashville PieHoles) over at Brown's Diner. Blueberry pie lovingly baked by Annette Barkley.

Then this morning this wonderful package arrived. ThanKS D'Addario again for their support. I’m all geared up (with coffee) and ready to rock. Let’s do this 2018!

nolensville #justyoujustme #sam

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Duet with Monk - Part 2 (of 2)

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Duet with Monk - Part 1 (of 2)

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Howdy folKS, and especially in Nashville! Tonight!...

In exactly 12 hours, I’ll be sharing the stage with Sam Cooper, Janet and Charles Cox at Millennium Maxwell House Nashville. We will be performing* “In-The-Round” for at least an hour, beginning at 9:30pm. No cover and excellent vibes. Plenty of free parking, too.

*Free copy of my latest CD “Countryside” for tonight’s attendees! Woo hoo!

Photo: John Mazlish Photography

D'Addario and Co.

nolensville #countryside #sam

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Thanks for the 2018 l❤️ve y’all! 👊🏼 Getting my priorities (i.e. domains) in order and living in the SO-lution.

We’re good 4 at least another year!

Plus, I’m really feelin’ this “winter” filter that turned this image into a subtle charcoal grey. The red still pops🙂

nolensville #wingbonesouth #sam

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What a great way to kick off 2018!

countryside #bluesamericana #sam

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I’ve never heard this version before! Anyone out there know what album this recording is on?

But yeah this is one of my favorite Barry songs of all time. Heard it first on Barry Manilow Live and then year after year when he’d perform on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Time to get to my gig. But yeah, had to share this. Happy 2018 y’all!

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Happy New Year’s everyone! Cheers to a fun-filled and inspiring 2018.

If you haven’t already...

Please visit us at these 2 other places: http://Facebook.com/KevinSoMusic and http://SexyAsianMan.com

With l♥️ve and gratitude a🙏ways, KSo

D'Addario and Co.

nolensville #countryside #sam

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A unique blend of Americana, Country, Blues and Gospel with a little bit of R&B/Soul sprinkled on top.


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