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New Glasses , New Year

Haven't check my eyesight for quite a long time, invited by Lens Crafters and went to their shop in Causeway Bay for check-up. It was much detail then i thought, except for the basic check-up, i've got my 1st eye pressure checking, quite exciting and heart-stirring i would say, being shot by a direct breeze into each eye, felt like confession at the execution ground, but its worth to prove that i have healthy eyes.

At last they sponsored me 3 glasses,i picked all sun glasses, Prada, D&G, BVLGARI and my own design, w...Read more

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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules

When you are always invited to brands' never-ending party and event, believe me ,some day you will get tired of it. In this 2 months,it seems that i need to pay back for i skipping those events for a long time, i went one by one, and the run down was the same, arrive early, sitting there chatting with strangers, waiting for the always late celebrities, listening to the new product details.....if those PR from brands not thinking some new idea, most of us would prefer sitting in our office , waiting for the mail box with press rel...Read more

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MUST READ i Pad book - No 1<< ASSARA拾妝>>

No 1 for the must read i Pad book, i am so unexpected, feel so happy that get more power to work for my next book !! 忽然一周 i pad 必讀電子書第一位......<<拾妝>>......乾杯!!真的沒想過 !!


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Supper Moment MV << Farewell The Air >>

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEGkvs0ahes&feature=related Did the make-up for the up and coming band SUPPER MOMENT 1st MV , refreshingly express a simple enviromental concern, we need this kind of music !

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Kenneth Wong new book launch and exhibition

Kenneth Wong New Book <拾妝>ASSARA

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBW25m4hgRw&feature=youtube_gdata  

Publish Date : 18th April., 2010

Exhibition Date : 17th - 22th April., 2010

Location : UG, Mirama Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Rd., TST., Kowloon , Hong Kong SAR, China

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IT post 2009 A / W

The newest IT Post is free to pick up at all big I T fashion store.The whole shooting crew  are so excited because one of our work is picked to be the cover.

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Jill Stuart 1st flagship store in the world

  1. Main colour of the flagship store is pink, it seems more like a girl's bedroom.


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Ad shooting for Erica Yuen


Hi everyone, it has been a very long time since the last post, i was very busy for my book and back and forth China and HK,  something quite frustrating happened, and i'm still very bad in sharing emotional part especially when i'm suffering...... very traditional chinese, only share good and happy thing  and hide the sad and bad one......... fortunately, i'm full of positive elements inside, after all the pieces of my mood are collected,  it's time to share what i've done recently.

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I.T. Post fashion Shooting


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Dior Joaillerie

I was invited to do the make up for the new collection of Dior Joaillerie media tour, it was the 1st presentation in the world, HK is always lucky.


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As a make-up artist and trainer since 1995,besides work with models,actors,actress around Asia,Kenneth also teaching in his own school - Kenneth Wong Make-up Ac

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