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My thoughts, my company and raising money for the Sichuan Earth Quake.

Hi guys,

Well I thought I would take this time to promote my company and my ideas on raising money for the Sichuan earthquake and advertise our very first meet up in HK!


An International Artists Company

As a dynamic hub for artists, designers, musicians, dancers and filmmakers to showcase a broad spectrum of untapped talent, EVENT strives to bring all types of creative media to the masses in its pure and original form. Event engages audiences, sti...Read more

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Happy Birthday 'alive not dead' and Thank you for such an amazing night!

Whoop Whoop!! Big Thank youto Patrick, Terence, Raffi, Shan and the team at alive not dead.Also a massive heads up to all the artists that performed! Some amazing talent!!

It was my pleasure to finally meet Gold Mountain and hear him rhyme ..dame..thats some real talent right thur!! O.K!! Ink!! WOW! O>K! MC G you know!!..You brother are with out a doubt all that! DJ Samir wow. NICE! Sky you minx you gorgeous woman!!..A b...Read more

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First Time

Well here I am..Finally. After weeks of  "Hurry up and get your profile up" Have you done it yet?".

 Yes people I am a virgin when it comes to setting profiles up and working the web..Baby steps.

I arrived in HK in July last year. An actress and Director wondering to myself..mmmm HK?..Is this the place for me?.I'm an Artists, I am on my way..really on my way and maybe this is a major stepping stone...BACKWARDS! Errrrh?

Why HK?..I mean hey..I was a working Actress , Presenter, Director and Teacher of perfo...Read more

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International Casting Director/booking agent, Actress,Director and the producer of E.V.E.N.T - An International Artists Company. www.artisteventscompany.com.

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