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worst song of the year|全年最難聽的歌|全年最难听的歌

the songs published are usually my best work and now its only fair i show u some of the songs that didnt and wont make the cut...

this is my sorry attempt to write an "authentic" cantopop.  if there is a "worst song of the year" award, i would win it

there is no right or wrong in arts? think again. enjoy!! :) USE IT AS YOUR RINGTONE

ps. the funny thing is, it may be a hit if the right singer sings it!

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i do?|我願意?|我愿意?

so i found out i m getting married in december today! congrats me!! W hotel is awesome!

the magazine called for a reply the day before the article came out and i told them every single detail is false (they really outdid themselves this time), then she has the balls to say, "thank u justin, but we cant put it in becuz it will contradict the fakeness of the report"  haha :#@$ wtf...Read more

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no longer a blog virgin|開始寫blog|开始写blog

there r many songs that didnt get published in my library, they sometimes mean more to me than the popular ones.  and i ll start sharing them with u on this site.

the birth of "saranghae":

it is 3:45am, we just had a long distant fight (can be a good thing if u like to hang up on people) but i prefer instant resolution (it doesn't exist).

i tried calling about 10 times and got the machine, feeling angry and frustrated, all i want to do is call and say i love u, miss u, and listen ...Read more

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