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getting it together on AnotD/recent music projects

Finally getting this page together, I want to use this to reach out to people in Asia with some of the recent music projects I've been doing.

I visited Hong Kong last month and played a gig with old friend violinist Kung Chi-shing, really fun...hoping to come back again soon and keep working on music with Hong Kong musician friends...

I stayed on Lamma Island last time I was back, where I used to live, Read more

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new album DREAM CALIBRATION now released

download the new album now from Vibration Institute site

ambient explorations and improvisations from Los Angeles postdigital underground

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Chinese-language review of my recent HK gig

Yuen Chi-chung came to my gig in Hong Kong last week and posted a Chinese review on his blog here...

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videos from last week’s trio gig

Played a CRAZY cosmic space trio gig with Matt Piper on synths and Gary Novak on drums last week, check out the videos on my YouTube channel:Vibration Institute on YouTube...

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Beat Hooks

Making a lot of new music right now here at Leland Way Studios...I've had a constant stream of musical guests through lately and I just keep recording and adding layers to the mix. Check out the lates...

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doing sound design for WALL.E

i recently did sound design/processing for the forthcoming Pixar film WALL.E, working with Thomas Newman...most of my job involved mutating and processing recordings of the orchestra and the other stu...

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birthday dub

its my birthday today and last night i cooked up a new dub especially for the occasion...check out the first track on my page 'Tincture Dub'...took some ambient tracks recorded over here by steve tava...

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vibration institute

Welcome to Vibration Institute. Electronic experimental future music.The tracks here are from our debut release, "Vibration Institute - Volume One." For higher-quality downloads of the whole album, go...

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new techno trax

I have just posted demo edits of 3 new tracks here: 'the venetian,' 'life during wartime,' and 'dellavecchia.' I am currently looking for labels interested in releasing any of these, contact me if int...

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latest techno DJ mix

I made a new techno electro DJ mix next week, mostly all new music with a few of my own recent techno tracks in the mix:Tomorrow Is the Question...

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Los Angeles, United States
March 6, 2008