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A debate is raging online guessing who is the killer in this #MannequinChallenge [SIX evidences and ONE answer. This viral trend has the Internet collectively scratching its head.] Challenge your friends to make a guess on what couldn't happen! More original content - JUO.sg/subscribe :) Like page to stay updated -> JazePhuaductions.com Original video: https://youtu.be/tZvqruKH3Zw

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Finished a 1980s comic book cover for #TheTimeWasher Micro-movie prop done! Will you buy it if its real ?

Hmm my childhood dream was to actually become a comic book artist but looking at the amount of pages...... I really admire how comic artists keep up consistently with their drawings! 👏

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And this is how KFC marinate his chicken

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Spent a night designing a 1980s comic cover for #JUOproductions upcoming micro-movie. #TheTimeWasher And shoot is starting this weekend! 💪 You can watch our pilot episode on YouTube by searching "Time Washer". 😬

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This is funny. All presidents of US, wait for the 45th!

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Words can be simple yet powerful but there's something more important. Inspired from a viral post, share/tag a friend you hope to stay in touch always! :) Do Like the page for more upcoming videos! JazePhuaductions.com Or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: YouTube.com/c/Jazephua Follow me on Instagram instagram.com/jazephua

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They say Asian can do anything so here's a picture of mee

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Tag a friend you know who fart smells like this D: Original One Punch Man VS Superman video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AheUrcMuMvc

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After 1475 hours I still can't find D:

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New toy 🐒 And why do I keep hearing Jesus christ in the bg music

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Mucha, T'Ai-Pei, Taiwan
December 5, 2014

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