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Newsletter on Happenings :)

I'm baffled everytime at how long i spend on these newsletters. I think it's me trying to edit the ESL out of my own writings. huh, an ESL person editing ESL out - not too efficient. this one took 6 hours, a labor of love:  ENJOY.ps. I got some responses giving me condolences on how it "didn't work out" up north... i sort of cranked my neck in confusion: it wasn't the case at all - I want to be closer to the industry in LA because...Read more

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Goodnight Company - Official Music Video!

Directed by Steve Ellington

Story: Getting to know someone often means getting to know the world that surrounds them too. Here, girl introduces boy to her imaginary findings! :) 

For the SINGER in YOU: Manual Karaoke Video: w/ words & helper-lead-vocal to sing to!! 

don't know what "Manual" means? find out HERE.

Record & submit ...Read more

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Usage of this word:

  1. Valley girls : between every other word for philosophical discussions of what happened at the party last night.

  2. Professionals : in a high voice to mock usage number 1.

  3. Smart people : quiet but pro-active, uses it as a way to SUPPORT artists on Facebook. Because we work our butts off in this tough music industry, and SMART people show appreciation by pressing a cute button, at no charge to anyone.If you're smart, here's the butt...Read more

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Happy 2011!

I don't live in the best neighborhood, so there were gunshots last night between 11p-1am. but at least they were happy, aimed at the sky for a better cause than usual. woot to the happy new year! :)

2010 marked the hardest I've ever worked, yet. Recorded constantly for 7 months while raising money for the album (just let me boast a last time that you raised over $11,600. ok continue), music videos, festivals, europe, dvd/video editing, artwork, booking, and pretty much anything that requires compiling in some way, both took over m...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Aug 10

oh i know i've been gone for a little while. so many of these social network sites to keep up with!

hope you've been lovely... i'll be traveling a lot - going to HK Sept 2-14 :)

life has been grand. touring nonstop, just got home to SF and am a bit sick. but i manage. i have ALL these things i want to do - travel, cook, go sailing, watch movies, read, make new friends, but all i can muster up to do right now is cough... must. get. better. now. :)

talk soon,


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Blog: Friday, Jul 18

i've come home from much travelling, and after some hard work, i now live in San Francisco!

The cappuccinos here rock my socks, the cold is heart warming, and i love that pigeons stroll on my streets.

I don't know SF at all, and until i started playing out again this week, i felt melancholy for the familiarity i had with san diego. to let myself feel at home, i've been cooking a ton. mostly breakfast because there's a soft spot for that time of day. rested but foggy in both mind and weather. i made a scram...Read more

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me want Cookie Receipe

lets be honest. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, in addition to all the build-up of christmas cheer and then New Years - the Martin Luther King semi-holiday in January just doesn't match up. i found myself looking for something in january that i cannot find. it's a mood, a state of mind that takes over for 3 months, then poof.  gone. and because of this, you should see my living room. my strings of white lights are perfectly lined along the walls, the tree is a little dry, but you can't really tell when i turn the lights...Read more

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confused but happy

when i was a kid, i was noticed only because i was a cl[Ass] clown. as in throwing stuff at the teacher so i got to be yelled at, or got lice my first grade so all my friends got to watch me get sent home. oh and those 2 times when i straight out cheated on tests and and got caught... on purpose. other than that, i tend to Think way too much and Say way too little, so the outside world know what i'm doing or what i'm trying to do most of the time.

that's because i think declarations of will would make people Witnesses t...Read more

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dark streaks

i've been reading a few amazing graphic novels lately, and am amazed at the wave of this new comic trend and how powerful it has become. aside from being politically and culturally open, it challenges young minds to think outside the box in sociological norms. the usual lines of gender, race, cliques, group types, lifestyles, artform, and story structure are all challenged and progressive. in addition, it is the most engaging type of medium for children young and old to take up Literacy.

i'm so happily impressed.

i ...Read more

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freddie's always with me

hello :)

got a message from the boys of far*east movement about this lovely site.

so here i am.

i write, compose, sing, produce, perform, daydream, and get anxiety attacks 'cause there's so much to do!! the first 12 yrs of my little life were spent growing up in HK going to school in my blue uniform with a blue pin and white socks all the way up to knees. then moved to San Francisco, then San Diego, which i've been residing for the last 10 yrs (holy...).

feels as though music grows in ...Read more

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Next show: 4/26 - Backstage Live, HK - 9pm! Official website: JaneLui.com New Album, Goodnight Company, out now on iTunes and CDBaby! *hint: go to JaneLui.

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