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“The Sound of Leaves Departing From a Silent Tree” (落叶归根)

The story of love and loss is an age-old one. The Liu Dao artists found one such tragic tale, almost lost in the hazy dark alleyways of Old Shanghai 老上海 , and brought it back to life with new technology in an old mirror.

Gender dynamics in modern-day Shanghai is an intriguing issue. In a country still la...Read more

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“Famous Flower 1932″ (上海花后1932)

1930s Shanghai could not have been the Whore of the Orient without, well, whores of the Orient. The Famous Flowers, however, were more than just paid sex partners. They were celebrated not just for their beauty, but also their grace, dancing skills and vocal talents. island6 pays tribute to these plucky lasses who strove to survive in a harsh and frequently dangerous world.

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“Jolly Jumper” (跳绳真痛快)

Our Jolly Jumper is a child of the world. The tree is native to tropical Malaysia; performer and jolly jumptress Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 hails from Hong Kong; the rice paper that forms the backdrop is shipped from Anhui province in China; and of course, the island6 Art Collective that put it together is from… everywhere else.

Now, as if that isn’t enough, this happy piece will be joining her compatriots Blue Cloth Robe for Dancing and Read more

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“What Would Dante Do?” (但丁会怎么做?)

That was a happy chair.

Our It Girl, Zhang Tianyi 张天伦, maintains a curvy poise and the perfect pout on our antique-style teakwood chair, channeling the red-lipped songstresses 1930s Paramount. Wisps of LED smoke drift up from her cigarette as she waits – both as a traditional Chinese papercut and gorgeous model – for her fussy photographers to get the million-dollar shot. The photo was originally shot on a 6x17cm medium format panoramic camera and scanned on a Hasselblad x1 scanner. Dante will be travelling across th...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Dec 20


I am an artist in a collective known as Liu Dao in Shanghai. We make electronic art together, and we experiment with science and technology to create interactive artworks.

If you enjoy this kind of work, please check out our productions at http://www.island6.org/ and sign up for our newsletter!

Thank you and good luck to all the artists out there!

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