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Answering some questions..

Hey lovely friends on AND! So I got some questions about purchasing pictures on my website.Yes, you can purchase from overseas!Yes, the Playboy headshots are official, and you can't find them anywhere else!Feel free to ask me any questions :)Have a lovely day!xo, Hiromi

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Wow, I'm back.... again!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!  I know, I know, I've been slacking..Well, I'm sick and can't get out the bed, and realized how long I haven't logged in this site.So my new years resolution, I'm going to check this site more than last year. I promise!Hope you guys had a wonderful year, and this year will be better :)Please check my new website, it's re-launched on my birthday, Jan. 6th. www.HiromiOshima.comYou can purchase my new headshot from Playboy, this is the only place you can get it.Love and Peace, Hir...Read more

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Hello everyone!

 Hello everyone,  I have to be honest.... I haven't logged on this website since I signed in. And I'm back! I'm going to try to log on as much as possible, so please come back and check it out. To be continued... ;) Hiromi

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Moby, Jusice, and a Dorky Playmate

If you like Moby and Justice, or.... wanna see me being a dork, please check this link :-)


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LA Direct Magazine

Hi everyone,

I'm in the LA Direct magazine this month, it just came out a couple days ago.

Please check it out if you're interested :-)

xoxo, Hiromi

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There's a website, Hiromi-Oshima.info... It's not mine even though it says official.

It's FAKE... I don't know why people even do that...

I'm trying to take it down.

My official one is HiromiOshima.com

Hate those fakes :-(

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to have an appearance at Empire night club in Sacramento tonight. If you live in the area, please stop by :-)

xoxo, Hiromi

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My Birthday Party @ Playboy Club!!!

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You made my birthday the best ever :-)

I'd never received so many birthday wishes in my life until this past birthday.

Thank you so very much for those who sent me messages or left me comments. It made me realize how wonderful to have fans like you and have a place like this to hear your voices.

Your messages were the best birthday presents I'd ever got. I really mean it.

Thank you everyone, I love you all :-)

All my love, Hiromi

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The First Japanese Playmate in the history, Miss June 2004


Los Angeles, United States
November 25, 2007