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Holy moly it's been a while!

Haven't been on here in ages...don't think I haven't missed you all!

After a long hiatus and complete failure at getting a steady stream of projects; would anyone be willing to offer me any Narration (or any other spoken recording) work? I have an English accent and moderately basey speaking voice.

On another note, would any guitarists/bands be interested in doing some covers with me for fun?

Sort of on another note, is there an animator that would be willing to lend their skills for ...Read more

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Vids are up!

Due to popular demand...or some demand, rather...videos of me performing some of the songs I have written have been added to my profile! But you probably noticed that before actually getting to read this entry so it's superfluous really...hope you enjoy them!

Queries, questions and swear-words welcome!

P.S. Apologies for the relatively poor quality of the sound and thanks to Thanh Nguyen for doing a fantastic job of cleaning it up!

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Jeanne Hartman's Acting Weekend~

First and foremost, thank you Jeanne for putting such an amazing class for us. Kudos to Jason for arranging it and inviting me. Thanks to Grace for really keeping me awake on the Sunday...the presence of beauty is always refreshing. Finally, thanks to my fellow classmates for helping me enjoy my weekend so immensely! It was great to meet you all and I'm sure that it'll be just as fun when we cross paths again!

So, Jeanne's class was a real eye-opener for me. As a leyman I always considered acting a rel...Read more

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Life, the Universe and Everything Else...

Funny how when everything seems shit and nothing seems to make you happy; you stumble upon things that you've always known, but forgotten how much you enjoyed. All very cryptic and mysterious...but suffice it to say, I'm enjoying life and it's little twists and turns (for the moment :P) but as a consequence I'm also not getting anything done either! Ah-well...I'll just go with it while it lasts~

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The Player

Yah, so below is the little widget thingy you can use to listen to some of my songs. Those available at the moment are simply the audio tracks of the videos I posted earlier, but new ones are in the works and I may just give up and post some unfinished trax on there for your evaluation...please, be gentle...

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Trying it on...doink


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Underground #48

At Long Bloody Last...

Vids of the gig for your veiwing pleasure! Comments, queries and swear-words welcome!

Please see below...

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"I sing, dance, fight, act, compose and write...and I love it!"


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October 11, 2007

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