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I'm moving!

so.. after all this time and this past year of traveling back and fourth between the U.S. and Asia... I have finally made an official decision to move to Singapore in January.  I've been back in the states for a couple weeks now and spent last week in Vegas working at my last event.  I have to say it was a bit saddening considering touring has been my life for the past 5 years.  Although I am totally ready to move on... it is still hard for me to leave everything and everyone behind.  It's been a great and almost unreal life I've ...Read more

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im alive.. not dead!

Wow.. been a really long time since my last update!! But let see.. where do I begin?  ...I'm currently back in singapore at the moment.  In the next couple weeks... I have 3 of my girls/models flying in from L.A. for the 3rd Super Import Nights events.  The week after that I will be at Formula One!  which is going to be super cool.  In the meantime.. I've started school again!!  I am currently attending CSU.. but their global program which will allow me to still travel, but yet. finally finish getting my degree!!  I've alread...Read more

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I'm alive!! =

wow.. guess i've been on a bit of a blog hiatus lately.... but i'm back!! =) but let see.. i've been in asia for about a month and a half now.. I've been to singapore, hong kong, and Guam ( yes i know guam is not a part of asia) and will also be leaving for phuket on wednesday for some R&R! so super excited about that! =)So far all the trips have been great.  Guam was fantastic.. absolutely beautiful there and everyone was so kind and the fans were soooo great!!  One of them even made me a photo.. =)Hong Kong was a blast...Read more

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yay!! i'm coming to HONG KONG!!

yay.. i'm so excited!! I'll be coming into hong kong the first week of June!!  During the week of the music conference.  Hopefully their will be an A&D event and we can all hang out again!! =) See everyone soon!!  I'm off to Guam for the week!!  I'll be doing a couple appearances at a concerte and show/charity event!!  So if you're there... I'll see you soon!xoxo,helen su

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yay!! i'm back in asia!!

hi everyone!! sooo excited to be back in asia.. right now i'm in singapore.. and will be spending a majority of my time here!!  But i think i'm going to hop around a little bit depending on where i get booked!! =)man.. i love it here!!and here.. is a new picture shot for the game asia soft.. i think its a pretty popular computer game in korea/asia?  But anywhoot... they are shooting 6 total girls.. one releasing each month in stuff magazine. and at the end their will be a voting contest and one girl will be the spokesmode...Read more

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ohh man... I've been traveling so much lately..i think I've been sleeping more often on an airplane then in my own bed!!  I just got back from florida yesterday.. and then i'm leaving thursday for atlanta for the weekend.  Don't get me wrong.. it is def. good to work... but i just really like my own bed! =) After atlanta, I will be in boston, then possibly new york, and then I will be back in singapore!!! I'll be in asia for about 6 weeks.. with the exception of one week when I'll be in guam for an event!!  Which im ...Read more

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google's new do...

I just cut Google's hair for the first time!!  I was so nervous.... but he looks sooo handsome!!  I'll let the photo speak for itself! =)

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BECAUSE HE HAD A DEATH GRIP ON MY HAIR!!  I THINK HE TOOK SOME HOME WITH HIM!! But he was sooooooo cute and soo chubby!!  his parents made him a shirt that said " my very first hot import nights!!"  =)

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Dont ask!!  im so dumb... and was trying to eat some taffy... its wrapped in clear plastic wrap.. and i think i didn't see it... so now i have some plastic stuck in my throat!! =( happy april fools to me!!.................................................................................................................me at 7-11!![](/attachments/2009/04/01/00/372632_200904010010231.thumb.jpg)

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hey everyone,  first off.. thanks for al the thoughtful comments on my previous post.. I really appreciate it... honestly...But the first season of Asia Uncut is now airing in southeast asia... I think the episode with me, Van Ness Wu, Terry Tye Lee, and Gabby is the 6th episode... i think?? =/Other then that.. i'm doing a foreplay lingerie fashion show tonight at house of blues in Anaheim California. So for those of you in town.. please come by.. should be a really fun event!Read more

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Hi Everyone! I'm a host/model currently spending half my year in the U.S. and the other half in Asia! xoxo, helen su


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