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Just for the moment! I am back in Hollywood USA reconnecting and doing the transpacific route.

Lots of new stuff going on with the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. I been out of the game for 8 years pursuing my own dream began in late 2007 in Shanghai and Hong Kong living and working in film related projects. Up to this point, I have improved in my foreign language skills with Cantonese and Mandarin. Got to learn more about my Chinese culture and history depending on part of the world ones in. And there are diffe...Read more

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Why did I leave! I should had stay in the Bahamas. Instead, I came back to Southern California USA rainy and cold weather. Crazy drivers looking at their gadget while driving.

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From the Bahama via Miami to LAX traveling all day and now operating on reserve. I see myself where....but went straight to Costa Mesa, California 2/9/19. #timenightcluboc

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On the beach getting ready to play sand volleyball and snorkeling 2/8/2019. Yes, I did change into my swim shorts loaned out to me. Lol #melianassaubeach #nassaubahamas

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Ahhhh! It's not easy not to have a relaxing time. Now this is the life in the Bahama. 2/7/19.

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Photo op moment with the beautiful ladies and costumes before the Carnival parade celebrating Lunar New Years 2019 next to the beachfront at the Baha Mar Resort Hotel. 2/6/19 #melianassaubeach #nassaubahamas

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WHAT!!? Can you say Bahama!

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Warm weather climate during the winter months. Loving it. 2/4/19

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Closes, I'll ever be standing next to a Roll Royce is inside a dealership in Beverly Hills as we celebrate the Lunar New year 2019. 2/1/19. Year of the Boar or Pig.

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@thejessicalee https://t.co/nrezonZqDX


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