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Did I hike this feat of ancient human engineering? Yes, I did. The scale, terrain and views were nothing short of mind blowing. In the background is an extremely steep portion of the Great Wall with almost entirely no stairs. You have to scramble your way up on pretty much all-fours. Standing upright would mean toppling or sliding backwards. I don’t know how the ancients did it on a regular basis, nor how today’s drinks and souvenir vendors do it EVERY DAY, carrying their wares. . . .

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Proud to have worked on this. . August is Singapore’s National Day month. As part of the celebrations, ON THE RED DOT will be featuring Singaporeans who have ventured far out of their comfort zones to make an important difference in the world. . Tune in Fridays 930pm on Channel 5, with a repeat telecast on Sundays 930pm on Channel News Asia. . First episode airs TONIGHT.

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Copy cats. . . .

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Screen fam for #20Days, an upcoming Ch5 show. My screen kids are legit getting older. 😅

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‘Areola Borealis’ on big screen in Tokyo this last week. ☺️ . . .

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Another one in a film festival! ‘One Hour To Daylight’ is in the 2018 Madrid International Film Festival, and is competing for several awards: Jury Award, Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film, Best Original Screenplay of a Foreign Language Feature Film. This ambitious labour of love was adapted from 4 Singaporean short stories and woven into 1 screenplay, directed by 4 directors, and is the product of a ginormous number of people’s efforts. Screening on 27 July. If you’re in Madrid then, give the team some love?. . Full HD trailer here: Read more

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Ohai. ‘Areola Borealis’ has made it into the 2018 Short Shorts Film Festival Asia. If you’re in Tokyo mid-June, please drop by the LaForet Museum Harajyuku or Shidax Culture Hall. Trailer with the best nipple coverage advice you will ever receive: slide left. Don’t worry, this film has been given a PG rating. I think. . More info: www.shortshorts.org/2018/prg/en/2230. .

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There’s something really therapeutic about the sea 🌊. . . .

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Pop culture quoting medical examiners and brain farting inspectors. 😁. . ‘Code of Law’, Mondays 10pm on Channel 5.

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☀️ Hellooooooo Haifa! ☀️. . . .

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December 10, 2008
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