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A fun chit chat with L Concept who chronicle the people in HK Hip Hop! Was fun time with them. Make sure you check it out and the other interviews on their channel! L Concept Channel Lincoln C Simon Chan Thanks dudes!

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Chill and good vibes last Saturday at Outlook Festival Hong Kong Launch Party. Found these in my camera haha bless!

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Made a track with G.A. (Gravity Alterstra 重力重構指令) and looking forward to performing it the first time this Saturday Outlook Festival Hong Kong Launch Party See y'all there!

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I like the visual subliminals in this video. It's cliche, but unity and love will get us all thru.

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I might jump on the stage with Gravity Alterstra for this weekend fun! Roll thru, looking like a good day of music! Please share

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My news feed is bombarded by first world madness, but, still I enjoy my sneakers. Shouts to #vanshkg #vans

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Co-operation of the Corporations. Active lifestyle. #dragonboatfestival #races #hongkong… https://t.co/kRk2lsyhCP

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Window Shopper. #cameras #cameras #cameras https://t.co/IKRY7KVeVz

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Pictures on rainy days. #photos #nature #city #rain #bestpic https://t.co/1lKwqWLjqV

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Check out Dough-Boy's new song "No Time". Good job doughboybeatsyou https://t.co/NrGsJgTz1h

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April 24, 2007

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