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aha....kaya pla ako mahilig sa brandy hahaha..slows ageing ....hehehe...

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The prodigy of Sk8board Tricks ....the guy who revolutionized sk8 Tricks....darkslides, ollie impossible, hardflips.....so on so on..(Bows Head)..

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See ya all at Carnegies Hong Kong.start 22:00 . .Jay Javier Apungan Cheche Cerdiña Dong Herrera...

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Tsk tsk hanep mga bagong sibol ngyn sa musiko totally speechless ako ...huwawww ndi nila ma Calculate yung "Tulong multiplied by Experience" equals to "Budget" to the "power" of "Contacts square root of private Functions...

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A Sudden Urge to watch: powell peralta Bones Brigade:an autobiography

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Powell Peralta Bones brigade...Wow Very Nostalgic...remember them noy John Eric Modesto ron2 Francis Underwood Basbas bugoy ramos ,reynold..1987 ini idol n ntin cla huwaw... After 30 years they still have it...im smiles all over...shall i skate again?? Hehe...

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Audiotraffic @ Live house @ Club Cixi

   ok u all must be wonderin why d hell i took this long to write a blog since i was in Singapore...well i have been very busy with my other gigs,,,anyway, im finally here and cant wait for the cd release of Audiotraffic and to go further...its really been a pleasure and lots of fun playin with these guys...thanx guys huhuhhuh(ooops!!! getting Emo here!!)

   ok ok ok lets get to the subject shall we!!?....We had so much fun playin that gig although its such a new experience for me for example like the director gi...Read more

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Missing Hk already!!! dammit!!

ok so this is my first blog after i left for singapore....well as usual its the rainy season here...going out and party is kinda limited...well one thing that surprised me is singapore no longer has the alcohol curfew...they got licenses already...so its kinda cool...so after work me and my band just head over to bars in boat quay or clarke quay to wind down...oh and last night we checked out the bands ...not bad not bad at all....hmm and unlike the bars we work in hk lemme tell you the live bar sound here is awesome...its like...Read more

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Linkin Park!!

Oh Well Just Got Back Home From Work...cant U Guys Believe It?..I mean Look At The Time...LOL!!...Coz  i start work really late at night 12am ish - 545am But Neway Its All Normal To me.Just Got Back From Rehearsal ..since we cant rehearse in the afternoon...the only time to rehearse is after when all those drunkards leave the premises...

ok ok lets stick to the subject of the blog....heheheh....ok just the other night i went to watch linkin park and lemme tell u !!!they really rocked the place...but what impressed me most is Chester Ben...Read more

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Wow I Never Expected That I Would Make It Here As An Official Artist....This Is So Awesome!!...Thx To All "AnD" guys ( You Know Who U Are)..ROCK ON GUYS!!!...

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