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Upcoming show in Paris ;)

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Gretchen Ryan

GRETCHEN RYAN !!!!Grtechen Ryan is one of my favorite artists. She's got a show coming in NY, so Don't miss the opportunity to discover her amazing world of mysterious little girls. This is a new painting from Gretchen Ryan for group show curated by Gary Baseman at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY, Oct 24-Nov 21
See more here : Read more

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New GUITAR SONGBOOK available !!

Hello !

The GUITAR SONGBOOK from my EP "Six Uses For A Heart" is now available !!!

You can check it out and order it here :


Limited stock !!

Soon some pictures of my lastest gig ;)



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concert @ le Palais des Beaux Arts ( Brussels /Belgium)

Here are some pics from my concert in Brussels @ le Palais des Beaux Arts this spring. It was an acoustic gig with the great guitarist Shanka... We had a blast !!!

(The dress is by Laura Ka !) I'll be posting more tour photos soon...;)

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new review of my EP on "Unexpected Great Music" come check out this fantastic website !!!

Hello  everyone,

I just got my EP "Six Uses For a Heart" reviewed on "Unexpected Great Music" ...This is a fantastic music reviews website I found when I was doing some research on "The Nymphs", a band from the 90's I love...Here is the link below :


If you want to leave a comment on my music on  "Un...Read more

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My new EP "Six Uses For a Heart" available !! Check it out ;)

Hello everyone !

Sorry I haven't written for a while...I was touring,working in the studio and on various music collaborations & projects...and now I have my brand new EP "Six Uses For a Heart" that's out , with pretty pictures by my friend Pierre Villard!!

You can buy it here (and there are other goodies such as posters, buttons, my former band Teen Machine's album "Billy" ... and very soon some guitar songbooks) :

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France de Griessen in concert on thursday october 9th 2008 @ the Klub (Paris)

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wonderful documentary "DIY or DIE"

"DIY or DIE - How to survive as an independant artist" is a wonderful documentary about independant artists and how they live, and , well, yes, survive, as it's sometimes a bit of a challenge.... It's a series of interviews with people who have great, great things to say... This film is a celebration of the artistic underdog! FEATURING interviews  from:: Lydia Lunch, Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), J Mascis (Dinosaur jr.), Jim Rose (Jim Rose Sideshow), J.G.Thirlwell (Foetus), Mike Watt (Minutemen), Ri...Read more

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Collages by my friend Vérole

  collage fdg  vérole 1 collage verole 2    These collages are made by my friend Véro...Read more

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Laura K : She makes such beautiful clothes !

     to check out Laura K's clothes click here ! Laura did the beautiful mini-dress I wore for my concert at La Cigale in October 16th 2007

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NEW EP "SIX USES FOR A HEART" available exclusively on Big Cartel ! Check it out here : http://francedegriessen.bigcartel.com


May 9, 2008