Ezra Emerson
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back to vegas

dim light of a candle reveals the chasmat least the visible side of itit's deeptoo deepto thinkabout bridgingplane outta hereback to vegas

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how vile to liveunder the veilof evil

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post everything

ship adrift cast off with no anchorthe fearsome wavescrash against my browthe smarting sprayleaves cracked salt plainsto signal lifei knowthough belowin the greythe demons still conspireto carry my soul awaylet's hope a trade windgets me outta here

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space race

space race to the inner sanctum a heavenly body's leaden waitthough flowers rained on my paradetheir punctuality was just too lateshame.  could've been fun

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Seoul Subway

crossed the 3rd line the butterfly has flownwould've crossed it soonerhad i trusted what i'd known

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the flame

her embers draw my gaze

i'm persuaded by the fire

i find it's burning licks

and dextrous plays

are quite convicing

as i approach

the burning smarts

and i retreat

before it really hurts

and lightness falls

into the dark

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Gangnam Girl

trussed like a flirty turkey

pinched nostrils

barely worthy of a lung-full

bloated botox lips

and buxom hips

barely a heart blips

under those fraudulent tits

a touch of the plastic fantastic

a mite dirty

for my like

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cheapskate willy

cheapskate willy wanders

through the verdant

looking for the vapid

he's sure to find it

and she's sure to follow

sincere willy lingers

in the vapid

dreaming of the verdant

he's already found it

but there's no-one to follow

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the cultivated conundrum

a cordial caper

on the windswept reaches

of outlier conversations

a full generation

of the new

and improved

what version of myself

could appeal?

one did, apparently

both captivated

both reticent

hardly a hair's breadth in it

could go either way

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shark bite

like a shark bite

oozing life yeah

kiss my pillow

dim the light

you're the devil in pyjamas

I'm in furry

armoured leather

stab my wound twice

fix a drink yeah

tell me sweet things

smile real nice

but we're talking

as they say yeah

come real easy

nothing forced yeah

well you're hot yeah

hot to trot dear

but i do fear

your heart is not

your heart is not

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Hong Kong
November 28, 2007