Friso 2014

alivenotdead / Tuesday, March 10th, 2015    28565 Views

For the second year in a row we helped match influential artists with Friso milk to promote their latest Hong Kong video campaign with AnD artist Lisa S. The video was shared by two HK-based celebrity models Qi Qi and Ana R on Facebook and Sina Weibo.

Photos of the Event:

Jin zhuang mei su jia er nai mi hu gan dong cheng xian lisa s dot video diary first bite with love yo


Friso logo


Screencap qiqi qi qi de wei bo wei bo 2014 08 25 01 dot 01 dot 51 crop


Screencap ana r i m so happy for my bff lisa and god daughter raven they dot dot dot 2014 08 25 01 do


Screencap anariverade wei bo wei bo 2014 08 25 01 dot 09 dot 13 crop


Wkb 8561 w2


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