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10 Good Reasons to Drink!

The Holiday season.  A month booked solid of dinner parties, cocktail parties, hoilday parties filled with happy food and endless glasses of fancy drinks.  Every night, as I dance around deliriously tipsy, and every morning, when I wake up with a heavy head, I remember this delightful article that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks back.

I would like to share it with all of you...

http://www.body-philosophy.net/10g...Read more

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A Very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday from my friends and kind strangers.  It was a spectacular one.  There was breakfast in bed, beautiful flowers at my door step, an adventurous dinner, cocktails, champagne, breathe taking gifts, Cockrock, Sprinkles cupcakes (splurge - they are well worth it!), loot from the Hustler store, and most importantly my friends.  If like attracts like, and one can be judged by the friends one has, then I must be an incredible person, for I was surrounded by the warmest, kindest, most generous, si...Read more

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Interview With Etty Farrell (from PerryFarrell.net)

Interview With Etty Farrell

25 March, 2007

With the Satellite Party debut release less than two months away I had the pleasure of asking Etty Farrell a few questions. Etty was nice enough to pass on some info on the first single "Wish Upon A Dogstar".

Etty: Here's the answer to one of your potential questions:

SP's first single "Wish Upon a Dogstar" shipped friday electronically!

Mike: When you say the first single shipped electronically...Read more

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Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

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