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Wow... haven't update any, or post any in here for a long time.

Just wanna share a new. Some of my friend are going to attend this event, and sound very cool.

Have a look if you're interested!


Since I'm going to have a performance, as a video artist, very soon.

Would like to attend, and inspiring by such workshop/lecture if I can.

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City Flaneur: Social Documentary Photography

Ah... again and again. I've be participating this feature exhibition, but missing the opening as usual.

However, please come to visit the show. It is a showcase of a wide range of Hong Kong Photographer, and I'm lucky to be one of them.

City Flaneur: Social Documentary Photography ...<aRead more

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Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009 Exhibition

Finally, the exhibition of  Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009 will be held on next Friday. Details are as followings:Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009The exhibition will showcases 83 artworks by 79 local artists.Fortunately, two of my works are selected as entries. They are allocated at 3/F Exhibition hall, and actually the 3/F hall is already opened for public to coincide with ...Read more

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Photo exhibition "A Departure from Reality I: Self-assertion.psd"

It is an exhibition I'm featured, another artist is a renowned Chinese artist Miao Xiaochun (繆曉春).

The exhibition is The gallery is a new photography private gallery located in Central, Hong Kong.

If you're around the town, please come to enjoy the show with us :)

Blindspot Gallery cordially requests the pleasure of your company at the opening reception of the first of the trilogy exhibition:‘A Departure from Reality I: Self-assertions.ps...Read more

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Blue Seoul

In the early 2010, it was the first time I visited South Korea.

A week ago, I visited again and enjoyed the lovely weather...

However, still love the blue one instead...

Suddenly wanna share! During a moody night...

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A strange but funny reference...

A strange reference: a Manga as reference for the concept of ‘Mind is moving’Uhh, I can’t stop to read and rethink about this manga : Liar Game

One main character, Nao Kanzaki , a “foolishly honestly” and naivety, could be further refer to people who believe ‘beauty of human’…

A “foolishly honest” college student, who, by chance and accident, begins to play the Liar Game. She is known for her extreme honesty and initially, ...Read more

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My work at Digifesta Media Festival (Gwangju, Korea) – Rookie exhibition

The work I’m showing in this contest exhibition is a dual channel high definition video installation. Here’s the venue installation view.

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0 to 100 A fund-raising Concert for C for Culture

Huh, they're a amazing band, and the show itself aims for the survival/fund raising of a HK culture / art magazine C for Culture.

In case you're around HK, please come to join... it would be fun!

C for Culture「零度沸點」 籌款音樂會 兩周年暨文化電視台發佈 將於3月27日於山頂廣場隆重舉行,門票正於各 快達票售票網熱買 中!!購票熱線31 288 288   0 to...Read more

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Exhibition as process – Sense of Place

The different place and space in art is one of the endless topic of Contemporary art. Once the work of art exhibits under different locations, it is unavoidably to discuss how and why the work exhibits in such way, especially for the work which is more site-sensitive (I pick this word instead of site-specific in this case)

I participates an art exhibition/video screening event… in which I would like to re-exam my ‘dizzy’ video in the context of different places and the consciousness of different spectators.

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HUG - Hyemin Park + Enoch Cheung

HUG - Hyemin Park + Enoch CheungThe project is a collaboration by Hyemin and Enoch. Hug performances were held in London and Seoul. The project started from the day Hyemin left London (14 Jan 2010), she hugged everyone who she talked with such as a cashier, a shop keeper, inspectors on bus etc. As an observer Enoch responds the performances.

Hyemin's recent works attempt to relate to public, Enoch responds her performance, especially 'Hug project...Read more

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