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Finally, I caught up with Sung, Roger and Julie in NY.  They had just gotten back from DC and looked pretty thrashed as they sat in the hotel's lobby where I was staying.

We decided to get Vietnamese food, which happened to be one block from the hotel. The food wasn't too bad all and all, but the Pho was the weakest, I must say.  Sung kept asking why I didn't order in Vietnamese, and my reply was "The waiter is not Vietnamese!" Roger chimed in with "That's kinda of racist of you, Sung!"  The guys were sl...Read more

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What's the deal?

"What's with the airlines, man?  No food on a flight to NY from LA!?

When did this happen?  I thought I was back in the refugee camp!!

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Was just checking out our GAME website ... and noticed that Roger got a kicking new haircut!  He's looking "harder" and "determined."  Still handsome though.  And Sung is like ... happier!!  Lots have changed since I've been in Beijing!  What's up, guys?


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Back in LA and loving it

"Back in LA and loving it.  Never thought I'd say that.  But hey, home is where your friends are.

 Off to NY tomorrow for some work with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.  And hopefully to meet up with Justin and Sung and Roger and Julie.  GOTTA CATCH UP WITH THESE GUYS!! They've been having too much fun without me."

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I saw a new restaurant...

I saw a new restaurant, about to open in Beijing the other day. It had a picture of Bruce Lee in the classic GAME OF DEATH suit and pose. Of course, I don't read Chinese, so at first glance I was like: Is FINISHING THE GAME opening in Beijing and the gang didn't tell me about it? Can't be. But, of course, my friend/translator informed me that it's a new restaurant. Using Bruce's image for their slogan: The eatery for the Asian in all Asians.

Man, years later, and Bruce is still the man. I don't know a...Read more

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The filming in Beijing is going relatively OK.  I say this because you never know until you have it the can; finished and back home.

Speaking of which, I really miss home which is rare when I'm location.

But it's the combination of food and weather that really affect your moods, certainly mine -- the food in Beijing is quite heavy and oily, adding a dreary layer of "haze" spiced with every carcinogens known to man, and my dramatic tendency to call it a day surfaces.

Man, the pollution here is UNBELIEVABL...Read more

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