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Been a while since my last entry, but being on the road took it out of me.  So here we are, Julie and I, in Toronto with Reel Asians!! As opposed to ... fake Asians??  The opening night was a fantastic way to close out our "tour" - sold out crowd. And the people in Toronto are such great film lovers!! I remember being here 2 years ago for LITTLE FISH at TIFF, and the reception was awesome.  It was strange being there without the guys, but I gotta say: Julie was awesome, mellow and kept me out of trouble. She even managed to get me to shoot for the cover of ASIAN WAVE magazine on the day I left for the airport!!  We did a hell a lot of walking.  I, of course, searched for the best coffee which led us to Little Italy.  And the expresso (double) hit the spot.  I also have to say our host Heather and Patricia were awesome.  Took us to Vietnamese food, and I was surprised to see so many Vietnamese restaurants!

Julie reconning for my expresso!! in Little Italy.

It had been a great journey on this grass-roots tour.  I, and we collectively, feel that we had connected with the community out there.  And every seat that was filled at all the showings ... we earned it!!  Thank you for all your support and love.

Julie with Heather and Raymond from REEL ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL

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Hell yeah you guys earned every seat that got filled. And the Toronto Film festival looked to have a lot of good films in, besides FTG, I noticed it was showing 'Sakuran' and 'Owl and the Sparrow', another two I want to see. Anyway I am glad things went well for you all
almost 12 years ago
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cool. glad it was good trip . keep us posted on your projects!
almost 12 years ago
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thanks for the update, there's no point reiterating what Naomi and Etchy said, but yeah, same here.
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I recommend you another good pho restaurant. it's open 24 hours a day so don't miss it. the place is called "Pho Pasteur"、and it's very close to the Dragon Centre in downtown. (i can't remember what the mall is called in english but it's owned by the same ppl who own Dragon Centre). also、if you are uptown、check out the pho restaurant on the corner of Warden and Eglinton. My friend's girlfriend owns the place. And they make it really good and traditional. (the entire family drive hummers. lol!)
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hey dustin, good to see you back! let me know if you are ever in hk!
almost 12 years ago
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Glad you had a good time. Isn't it great to do something you believe in? Please, keep us posted on your future projects. Elena
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