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roger's first vietnamese sandwich!

After much build up on the way down to Orange County yesterday for our press conference, Roger had his first "banh mi"; Vietnamese sandwich. And he loved it!!  All and all it was a good day, bouncing from one press interview to the next, in between Vietnamese meals. We kept going back to the same restaurant since it had everything to choose from. We even went back there for a late dinner with Justin. The owner is convinced he'll see us again the next day!

The UCI student association was awesome; great turn out, they even had a DJ spinning while Roger and I talked, which according to Roger, is a new thing. We talked in great length about Asian-American as a community, how we are represented.  And more importantly, how do WE want ourselves represented. And LETTING THE POWER THAT BE KNOW WE DEMAND IT.  I was very moved by some of the students who came up afterwards and shared that there is a sense of non-identity they're feeling when they look around. But every once in a while, a BETTERLUCK TOMORROW comes around and it feels good to indentify with something ... real.  This, is something we all are working towards, as a unified community, to make a difference.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, buttoday, we have decided to take action.  As a community, we will make some noise.  As Roger said last night, "if we don't, who will?"

We're off to San Diego today for the opening night of San Diego Asian Film Festival.  Looks like another stop-over to Little Saigon for lunch!

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This makes me hungry! Glad things are going sooo well!
about 12 years ago
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i luv the viet sandwich esp. w/ hot sauce. Huge props for representing! <><
about 12 years ago
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I, too, love those Vietnamese sandwiches (without the green chili peppers). Living near San Jose (but not in SJ), I can find some pretty good Vietnamese food. But I usually just go for the sandwiches from the small mom & pop shops. We do need some more accurate and normal Asian movies in Hollywood. It's not just brainiacs and gangs. haha.
about 12 years ago
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Roger just had his first banh mi? And how old is he? OMG! He's been missing out all these years. I have one at least once a week. I went to UCI. I remember when "Better Luck Tomorrow" was the talk of the campus.
about 12 years ago
Here! Here! Dustin, Hopefully see you in Hawaii!
about 12 years ago
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Yeah I definitely agree, I notice that whenever I see an Asian American in a Hollywood film, they are either the brainy swat in class or a martial arts expert. It's as If they can't be cast as anything else. So for me FTG and BLT, are wake up calls to hollywood. Good Luck with all your future projects
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