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Family out in the cold

Looking at this picture of us at Sundance this year, I was reminded of this feeling of unity.  Here we were, freezing our asses off that night, running around the town plastering the movie's posters on every available surface.  Let me tell you ... it was cold as hell for me; my fingers were numb, and yet, I was elated.  I was elated because I felt that I was part of this community of artists who were giving everything to something they believed in.  I know that it's the spirit of indie film making; the spirit of Sundance.  But it was my first time at Sundance, and more importantly, it was my first indie film at Sundance.  It was my first indie film where I felt we were "the underdogs," in a playing field of the "Hollywood Indies," which is what Sundance has become through the years.  I've been told about what it was like for Justin and the gang when they were there for Better Luck Tomorrow.  So being there for Finishing The Game, I can only extrapolate what it was like for them; the gratification they must have felt, having gambled everything for what they believed in.  And it paid off.



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I'm just so happy for you guys....to watch this process is special *hugs* That's an awesome picture!!
about 12 years ago
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persistence and determination paid off! Congrats!!! <><
about 12 years ago
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carmellarose is right, it is special watching this process. You guys really are a family.
about 12 years ago
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Nice fro man! Congrats you guys. What a moment captured in time!
about 12 years ago
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awesome ~ love the picture.
about 12 years ago
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Yeah it's great to actually watch from start to finish, and be along for the ride with you guys, from your fan's point of view to
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