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Bay Area Love

So here I am, in Berkley, after a great weekend with the FTG family in san Diego. Evan and myself are speaking with the film students at Berkley. I went to a junior college and never really seen much of the Universities, so walking through Berkley was something else. It really lives up to its image: cool, hippie vibe; there were even some walking around with guitars and incense tied to their backpack! Evan commented that it was a "look", like hip-hop, ect ... it looked like a costume. I mean do people really leave the house looking like that anymore?

We then went to Stanford the next day, which was even bigger; a city in and of itself! Then a few hours later, Evan drove us all the way to UC Davis for our talk there in the evening. Throughout this whole trip, I kept thinking how impressed I am with all these students. They all had their own clubs and associations; this whole college life that I never had. College was miserable, and I barely got through it! They were really into the documentary behind-the-scenes and howling during the trailer. The one common thread I noticed in all the talks we've had is the sense of ... "how can we as a community have a voice?" There had been some that shared with us how disconnected they feel, and that through these conversations, something sparked in them ... a renewal of some sort. For me these interactions are quite inspirational, and it does renew my energy to forge ahead with my fellow artists to make a difference, to start a movement."

Check out some more pics.

Evan Checking out the Seen

Line Outside UC Davis

Madeline Made It Happen!

UC Davis - Grassroots Advertising!

Taking Some Time Out

Student Organizers Giving Us Big Support!

Parting Shot and Feeling the Love

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I kinda miss college life sometimes. I love my job but working really sucks. I don't like being an adult.
about 12 years ago
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.I think the inspiration that you are giving the students and the one that the students are giving you, is fantastic, and I hope a difference can be made.
about 12 years ago
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Hope you felt the love in SF as well. Thanks for coming out!
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