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Hello all out there.  Just got a minute to say hey.  I am alive.  Been in Vietnam for the last few months, including TET new year.  The more time I spend in Asia, the more I feel it's the place.  although, I do miss all my bros: Roger, Sung, Justin, Julie and the whole FTG gang!  It's strange to have spent so much time with them last year, and then go for some time without seeing them.  Everyone busy doing their thing, I suppose.

I gotta figure out some time to post some pics from Vietnam soon.  But for now take care all.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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By the way, to all who have been commenting on these blogs: I can't figure out for the life of me how to respond to your comments.  It doesn't work, or I can't get it to work when I click on reply to these comments.  Even Roger Fan is stumped!  He said it has something to do with the routing operating system.  Don't think I've been ignoring you all!!!  Happy holidays by the way.  Dxx

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Been a while since my last entry, but being on the road took it out of me.  So here we are, Julie and I, in Toronto with Reel Asians!! As opposed to ... fake Asians??  The opening night was a fantastic way to close out our "tour" - sold out crowd. And the people in Toronto are such great film lovers!! I remember being here 2 years ago for LITTLE FISH at TIFF, and the reception was awesome.  It was strange being there without the guys, but I gotta say: Julie was awesome, mellow and kept me out of trouble. She even ma...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Oct 27

From San Fran we went to Hawaii Film Festival.  Unfortunately, Justin had to leave early due to work for FAST FURIOUS 4.  Roger and I carried on; tough job, but someone had to do it.  To be honest, we were exhausted from San Fran, and was on auto-pilot most of the time.  The cool thing is we met up with the guys from alivenotdead.com.  Daniel, Andrew, Conroy, Jack and company ... cool guys who have been big supporters of GAME.

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I found my heart in San Francisco

What a trip this has been; this week of universities and colleges.  It all culiminated in our opening last night at the Bridge theater to a SOLD OUT audience.  By the way, this was, and is not a one-time showing as some people has been led to believe.  We are at The Bridge all day and all week, folks!!  You know, a regular movie.

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Bay Area Love

So here I am, in Berkley, after a great weekend with the FTG family in san Diego. Evan and myself are speaking with the film students at Berkley. I went to a junior college and never really seen much of the Universities, so walking through Berkley was something else. It really lives up to its image: cool, hippie vibe; there were even some walking around with guit...Read more

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roger's first vietnamese sandwich!

After much build up on the way down to Orange County yesterday for our press conference, Roger had his first "banh mi"; Vietnamese sandwich. And he loved it!!  All and all it was a good day, bouncing from one press interview to the next, in between Vietnamese meals. We kept going back to the same restaurant since it had everything to choose from. We even went back there for a late dinner with Justin. The owner is convinced he'll see us again the next day!

The UCI student association was awesome; gr...Read more

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a great start!

That's so awesome that the support for the film in NY is overwhelming!! I'm so looking forward to the West Coast opening in a few weeks. I heard rumors MC will swing by to support.  Of course, the cast will be there as usual.

The video of opening days in NY is great! And what about the haunted hotel Roger and Sung were talking about? I can't wait to hear about this from the  guys when they're back next week in LA. We're opening the San Diego Asian Film Festival on Oct. 11th.  Yes!

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Family out in the cold

Looking at this picture of us at Sundance this year, I was reminded of this feeling of unity.  Here we were, freezing our asses off that night, running around the town plastering the movie's posters on every available surface.  Let me tell you ... it was cold as hell for me; my fingers were numb, and yet, I was elated.  I was elated because I felt that I was part of this community of artists who were giving everything to something they believed in.  I know that it's the spirit of indie film making; the spirit of Sundance.  But ...Read more

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