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Fellow actors just chit chatting about anything happening in Singapore.

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Once again the Little Indians meet after such a long time. #beautifulpeoplearoundme

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Gotta love this shot by @whatsusiesaw! Actors hard at work doing make up while going through their monologues, soliloquy and lines for their scenes before showtime.

lifeofanactor #beautifulpeoplearoundme

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And second show down! Wonderful loveys to work with in the same production.

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RAWR!!! The bear is finally running properly

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An animation project for a web project. At least all of my loop animations and run cycles are working properly now. Now to put them all together again and set up the stage.


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Bro, can you work faster please?

filming #acting #lifeofanactor #sgactor

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Happy week ahead!

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A round of whatsapp rehearsals before meeting our director. #lifeasanactor #longdistancerehearsal

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To live in the and be truthful under imaginary; that is what to be an actor. The world is your stage.

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