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Old School Baile Funk mix

Haaksman is in Rio….again. He claims its for “label” business, but everytime I skype with him, he’s in a rush because he  HAS to go to the beach. 

Well, I wish I was in Rio too, and so does Joyce Muniz.  Which is why we decided to do a mix of some of the records that we pi...Read more

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The Six Degrees of Baile Funk

Just got off tour with MPHO as support for Mongrel last weekend. It was two weeks a heck of a lot of fun. During this trip, I managed to break my headphones and get addicted to Roast Chicken flavoured crisps. Everything went pretty smoothly, everyone showed up on time for the gigs, except for one time when Drew, Mongrel’s guitarist, who missed his train from London to Sheffield. Dude turned up ten minutes before the show, calm and composed, just picked up his guitar and do his thing. Respect! I guess being in a band with Pete D...Read more

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Weekend Review and Mongrel Tour

Had a great gig in Geneva last Friday at le Zoo club. Me and Joyce Muniz tore it up to a great crowd of Genevans(?) and Brazilians. Big shout out to Rico, Steff and Dj Schnausi for their wonderful hospitality. As per usual, I forgot my camera, and was only able to take one half decent photo with my iphone…

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Back in Europe

So, Haaksman and I just got back from our gigs in Asia.  It was a fun trip, gigs were great, plus we also managed to squeeze in a few days of holiday in between. In this trip, I also decided to give up smoking… I succeeded for about a week.

Our first stop was Hong Kong for the infamous Pimpin’ Aint Easy night. Pimpin’ Aint Easy is definitely THE night out in Hong Kong for eclectic dance music- a small intimate club with a gr...Read more

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Its been a minute....

Hey there! Sorry for lack of posts. Been really focusing hard on the djing and productions as of late (Watch out for the Stereo MCs remix and the Daniel Haaksman remix coming out in September! ) Anyways, here's a couple of the highlights of the past months.

Man Recordings Stage at Melt Festival in July 2008

So much fun. Too much fun.Drinking, getting muddy and generally partying...Read more

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Back in the cold.

Hi folks!

Just got back to Vienna on Monday. Last couple of weeks have been crazy travelling - Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. All the gigs were cool, but Hong Kong and Dubai were definitely outstanding.  Caught up with friends and family over the festive season....over ate, over drank... here's some pics with words to go with this little trip.

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stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff

Sorry folks that its been a loooooooong while since I've blogged. So for those of you who are interested, I am going to give you a rundown (short!) on what I've been up to in the last couple months. In no chronological order whatsoever...

1.) Moved house

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Still moving house...but got some music for you!

Hey there!The moving house is pretty much done...Just got to move a few bits and pieces, finish a bit of paint work, fill in some holes that I regret having drilled in the first place and I am done. I know it sounds really shallow, but its at times such as moving house that I really appreciate the fact that I have a few friends to help me out.Anyways, some more music for you. I just finished a mix for Man Recordings. Feeling good about it, because I pretty much got into baile funk through one of Man Recordings...Read more

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Sorry for lack of blog action...moving house at the moment.  Back with more text, more photos, more music as soon as the nightmare is over..... Meanwhile, check out some crappy new pics I made in the photo albums... B

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Hey!  Gonna keep it short, because to be honest with you, my life is just about djing at the moment and there's not much to say about that. All the gigs so far this month have been pretty good, will post up some pics when I find out how to do that (not the most computer literate guy...) Also, a bit disappointed that my gig in Dubai got postponed. Was really looking forward to going there to see that crazy looking building that looks like the sail on the boat, what's it called again? The Buji al Arab. Next time. Meanwhile, here are some mixes th...Read more

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