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Irregular update, again!

Have been incredibly busy the last year (my last post was about 9 months ago I think?) ... apart from running my bar and opening a new techno club in HK called MIDNIGHT &  CO. (– as if those weren't enough work already) I've been keeping my head down producing, shooting and carrying out post-production on music videos for European techno & house producers. Attached is one of my prouder solo achievements – one man shoot and the lovely Michelle Lau looking quite awes...Read more

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New MV I directed (& some VFX)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6wyI9xh1h8Check it out! HD version well worth the bandwidth, and also available on my Vimeo page here: Video: http://vimeo.com/28545396Although there was no budget, I would not put this into the 'zero-budget' category – I aways find those statements a bit of a misnomer when you factor in the camera gear & software costs. Composited ...Read more

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VFX, 3D, want a job?

Busy busy busy!  2011 really is the year for changes; as a result I've only had time for three blog-posts ... sorry about that.After opening my new bar in January (see the blog post embarrassingly nearby on this same page!), I recently launched a second wave of attack – a new visual effects / post-production company. Based around a loose crew of very talented friends, armed with our very own green-screen studio, more cameras & equipment than you can shake a stick at, an entire warehouse jammed full of computers & bleeding edg...Read more

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Music Video: Be The One

I recently worked alongside Derrick Fong & Simon Yin (Bamboo Star) plus a whole crew of talented people, to assemble the music video shown below.  My role was creative producer, some technical / post-production and 2nd camera while on set / location. The indoor stuff was all shot in my space in Chai Wan, which is in the process of being kitted out into a 1000 sq ft green-screen studio for hire.

This is our entry into this year's Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase, in conjunction with Vimeo, and as part o...Read more

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The Blck Brd - some photos

More photos here:  http://theblckbrd.com/site/venue-details/Read more

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my new bar - The Blck Brd

I've been off blogging for the last 6 months or so – and for good reason! – I recently opened my second bar in Hong Kong. My first venue was  Yumla (opened 2003), and I decided it was time to offer the people of HK something a bit different so I present to you The Blck Brd:The official opening parties will not take place until January 2011 (join our FaceBook page if you want to stay updated ...Read more

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new record out

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Arrive not Dead.


July 6, 2007