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Sawadee Ka THAILAND 🇹🇭 ❤️✌🏻

Dreamcruise Holidays

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One of the best ways to maximise your cruise experience is to explore the islands and the deep sea waters with a dive excursion. My Sabahan dive buddy John is the man to call when you hit Pulau Redang. He’s available for open water or discovery dive anytime!

Dreamcruise Holidays

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Ahoy Genting Dream! 👩‍✈️ I’m going on an epic journey across South East Asia on the beautiful Genting Dream to shoot a brand new online travel series!

If you wanna have peak at all the behind the scenes shenanigans, check out my Instagram @denisekellerofficial and my stories for all the updates!

Oh and say hi if you’re onboard 👋🏻 Let’s cruise baby 🚢 😎✌🏻

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If you could run away for a day and do anything you want, what would you do?? Share 🤗

📸 : Ritchelance.co ZENCHI

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The world is a looking glass. It gives back to every man a true reflection of his own thoughts. Rule your mind or it will rule you. - Buddha 🌸

📸 : Maxleeoo Bra: WordMark Strappy Sportlette (for training) with UA Swacket (feels like sweatshirt + jacket) Under Armour

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Be a Fruitloop in a world of Cheerios 😄❤️👍🏻

📸 Ritchelance.co Special thanks to Facebook Singapore 🇸🇬

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Rise & Shine Yoga at Oasia Hotels & Residences by Far East Hospitality ☀️

See you on the mat this morning at 8:30am!

Namaste 🙏🏻

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It’s been a pretty awesome week of werk, werk, werk ✌🏻

So many exciting projects, so many exciting people, so many new collabos and one hell of an exciting new journey of travels!

Thanks for staying patient with me on the updates. Happy weekend guys ✊🏻❤️😘

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There is something about backbends lately that my body has been increasingly demanding for. Perhaps it’s a year end thing or a monsoon weather downer (the rainstorms in Asia have been a little depressing unless you’re snuggled under the bed cover😬!!) I go through a whole spectrum of emotions when I practice backbends. I sometimes feel pissy, euphoric, elated, relieved, sad, hopeful, empowered—sometimes all at once. It's a magnificent range of emotions to flutter through. No matter what your level of yoga is, whether you're a tentative beginner or a seasoned p...Read more

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Had a blast hosting Samsung’s and ViuTV exclusive Fan Meet with Yook Sungjae today!!!

I think I’m deaf from all the screaming fans in the audience 😳

Check out the cool new Samsung Note 9 at the Samsung Experience Store - it’s one powerful phone that will blow your mind away!

Peace out ✌🏻

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