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haven't logged onto twitter for a while!! at work right now, getting sleepy

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new track coming soon, "All I want is you" ft @alroccomusic lehhhgooo

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Just went to flight club on 812 broadway between 11th & 12th, if your a sneaker fan u gotta check it out! Crazy selection!! Holla!

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@alroccomusic dayuuuum!!! Lol

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In NY! but it's mad cold!!! Currently @ Trump SOHO!!

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patience is a virtue

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follow me on the chinese twitter for updates!!!

see u guys there!!!

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just ate some great cookies! :D

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working on some big thangs... stay tuned!!

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2010 The New Start

hey ya'll

I haven't updated in mad long

haven't really found the time to continuously blog

but anyway here's a quick update:

made A LOT of song's in the last few months

and here's a video I uploaded to youtube with some samples of some of the tracks

it's a selection of Mandarin and English Snippets.

please check it out and support, hate, love what ever you wish.

hope you guy's will enjoy it!

Video: Read more

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May 31, 2008

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