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beetle beats SUV ? :D :(

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You have already made lots of experiences in life and draw your conclusions from these. These words of wisdom are based on your experiences and you rely on them in the future. This is why you are the tower of strength for your friends and you support them whenever they need help or advice. You take on every obstacle with great courage! Share your result with your friends so they can find out what their personal quote is!

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make Han proud.... 2nd tokyo drift ?

DK didnt die ? :D

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i did p.e in church..... games in hell ;)

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better but mabe more needed mabe effects/cgi makes up for it

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back to watching paint dry.

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You are in the prime of life! Young, attractive and a child at heart: that is how the world sees you. You are an eye-catcher from head to toe because your aura is simply unique! Share the result so that we can also guess how old your friends are!

33yrs old

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WAAAAAASSSSSAAAAAAAAP - reditredit - ribbit ribbit -


April 22, 2016

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