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hi.  hello there :)  I was just wondering if you remember the first time we met.  I think it was a few years ago now...and I had been driving for days, and you were sitting there.  or no, you came outside to meet me.  yea, that's when we met.  you were standing and walking, not sitting.  But you had been there already, before that.  and my hair was longer and I smelled like I had been sitting in the car for too long, which I had.  and you were probably wearing a red shirt.  and your short thinning hair was cute and funny.  and you were cute and fun...Read more

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ADF 2009

I find myself back at the American Dance Festival for the fifth time in six summers…that seems a bit much.  It’s strange for me to think about all that has come to pass since then.  People in the ground, companies emerging and folding, elections, recession, all that external mess that is context and environment and a certain kind of life.  More shocking, of course – and this is no surprise as it’s my own acute experience – are the changes which have taken place in my own life, internally.  When I came here for the first time, in 2004, I had just sta...Read more

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re: the discussion board on CounterPULSE's website


Everything here on this blog, throughout, is exciting, relevant, interesting, and necessary – to me at least, but presumably to others as well. I think sharing spaces where one might find additional readings (like Jess’ post about sarma.be) are helpful, regardless of where they are ...Read more

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San Francisco’s self-proclaimed martyrs steer an otherwise productive evening into a redundant ditch

The well-intentioned community discussion last Thursday night at CounterPULSE, regarding the current state of dance writing, began with a sharing of insightful comments and opinions from a panel of some of the SF Bay Area’s better known dance writers. This efficient and informative beginning, however, quickly eroded into a disastrous Q&A of finger-pointing and scapegoating, with narcissistic and desperate explanations in self-defense against a (perceived)...Read more

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Book review of Naked by David Sedaris

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Some junk about being calm

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A good one

Here's a video that was forwarded to me by Emily Woo Zeller.  I think it's wonderful, I'll do some research about it and hopefully post findings and thoughts soon.  But in the meantime, I thought it important to get this puppy into (more) circulation!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcaUak0jc4g

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Reflection 2.015, Section 89B, Article 2

The challenge these new days is not deciding what to do...so much as prioritizing what to do now and what to do later.  The days of being a freelance choreographer (in a nearly forgotten, but rapidly growing provincial city in a developing nation) seem to have come to an end.   No more schlepping myself to and from rehearsal through the snow, this is true, but also, my day no longer begins and ends with rehearsal.  All sense of being a D-list celebrity accompanied, oddly, by nearly complete anonymity, has vanished.  I...Read more

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When Using Logic, Proposition 8 Doesn't Hold Up

I had intended to write a very thorough essay of sorts addressing all of the issues surrounding Proposition 8, an initiative on this year’s California ballot which would alter the California state constitution, eliminating the right of marriage to same sex couples, but being billed as ‘protecting marriage’.  I wanted to talk about each of the many points made by the yes on 8 campaign and shoot them down one by one, exposing illogical conclusions, misrepresentations, and of course outright lies as well.  I t...Read more

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