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Read Across America

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi1S79pdWaAGood morning everyone, I just uploaded a picture gallery of the National Read Across America Day.  This is the second time Hotties With a Heart was invited to participate and we had a great time.  Then, I remembered this video from the first time we participated in Compton, CA.  I'm reading "Walter the Farting Dog".  This was not my choice, but it was handed to me at the last minute.  The kids loved ...Read more

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Alive Not Dead



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5tT2KlGAf8

Have you ever wondered how Alivenotdead got its name?  I did.  So I asked Fred Ambriosine from AnD and he sent me this video that explains how this website came to be.  Enjoy! 

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Listen to Hottie Help Right Here

Good morning everyone!  Sorry I didn't post a blog entry yesterday; it has been 102 degrees in Los Angeles and literally too hot to think.  I know that everyone who lives in LA and is reading this knows exactly what I am talking about.

 I noticed Alive Not Dead posted 3 episodes of my radio show, Hottie Help.  Please listen...Read more

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Hotties With a Heart at the Bob Hope USO at LAX

Hi everyone, yesterday I forgot to mention the first set of photos I uploaded.   My organization, Hotties With a Heart, had the opportunity to visit the Bob Hope USO at LAX here in Los Angeles.   We welcomed over 400+ troops who were being deployed overseas that day.  The Marines were so polite and respectful.  Many were saying goodbye to their wives and little babies.  Whatever your political affiliation may be, whether you are a conservative or liberal, we should all be bound by the belief that we need to su...Read more

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Welcome To My Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog ever.  I've always hesitated blogging due to privacy issues, but decided to try this as an experiment of sorts.  I'm slowly starting to fill in my profile page and a special thanks to Fred Ambroisine. Merci beaucoup mon ami pour Alive Not Dead et Action Queens l'article; c'est tres manifique! 

Here I am in this pic, two days ago, on a shoot for Stila Cosmetics. I'm shooting their new campaign and was hoping to get some nifty samples.  Alas, all of the makeup came in litt...Read more

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Dear Friends and Fans, Welcome to my Alive Not Dead page. I’m interested in your feedback so please feel free to submit suggestions on how to make this page

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