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"Dragon Boys" premiers on STAR TV

"Dragon Boys," ( www.dragonboys.ca) which recently won the Best Miniseries at the Canadian Gemini Awards, will premier this Thursday, December 6th, at 9:00pm on Star TV/Star Movies in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Thailand, all local time. 

"Dragon Boys," a gritty look at Asian-organized crime in Canada, stars Byron Mann ("The Corruptor"), Eric Tsang ("Infernal Affairs"), Steph Song (FHM Singapore's sexiest woman), Lawrence Chou ("The Eye"), Tzi Ma ("Rush Hour 3"), and Derek Tsang ("Isabella"). 

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Sounds interesting. Never watched this movie before.
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Wish I was in HK or got HK tv....too bad! Congrats sweetie! :)
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Andy lau spain 9a andy lau spain
oh cool, I'll see if the program I got to watch chinese tv got Star Tv...it has some Hk channels, hope I can catch it. Great for u btw!!! ^^
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wow finally! only problem is i don't have a VCR...
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I wish I was still in HK, so I could see it again.
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
hope its not censored as it was on cbc in canada.
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too bad not showing in ny (yet?). <><
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great job man!
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Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
Just saw it here in HK!! Great Job! I didn't expect much after seeing the trailer...boy was I wrong.
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Wow, that show is totally awesome!! It's true to what I've seen in the Chinese community here in San Francisco. I like the grittiness and darkness or it.
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