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Dragic always has that face like it's someone else's fault. #HereTheyCome

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Two words on that @CrazyRichMovie: @awkwafina SLAY. 🔥

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The hype is real! @CrazyRichMovie 🔥 https://t.co/4fArP8gZVj

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@Lisa_Olson1 Can you follow me so I can DM you? Or you can just send me your email directly thru it as well. Thx!

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Quirky @KillingEve carves space in my Sunday supper slate. #KillingEve

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Hong Kong choreography in the opening scene of @IntotheBadlands S3 Ep1 insane. Still can't believe I've seen the d… https://t.co/iiQyvga8th

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GOLDEN. Not so much the actual movie, though. Hate to say it, but the struggle (watching it) was real. https://t.co/dlKu3UAj4V

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@carychowESPN @WestworldHBO Like a foul ball to a baseball game.

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I salute you tonight, @WestworldHBO #WestworldSeason2 https://t.co/S5T90KMSUm

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Philly fans being Philly fans. Gotta love 'em. #3lieve

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