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Batman - A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Alright, I'm gonna to come right out and say it:

Batman is one of the best movies of the decade. hands-down.

The story was amazingly well-written, the characterization was deep, the production first-class, the special effects were great, the acting was 1st class, and I loved Hans Zimmer's score (cont'd from Batman Begins). And the Imax experience is unbelievable in director Nolan's capable hands.

The plot wasn't predictable which is always a great plus for me as many of my friends and I spen...Read more

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Heath Ledger's Villain Voice

Awhile back, I posted about Ledger's apparent suicide.

Now his last performance, as the Joker, in Nolan's Batman, has arrived on screen.

Here's an interesting article about how Ledger carefully researched his use of voice in order to make the villain into a True Villain for the ages.


"He said he found the...Read more

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Eva Mendes Interview

Apparently, Eva Mendes checked into a substance abuse center recently.

In an interview, she commented that substance abuse is not a joke, in response to a reporter's jibe at Hollywood stars abusing drugs.

David Colman: Now let's talk about substance abuse. My favorite topic.

Eva Mendes: Great.

DC: First of all, what is it with actors and substance abuse?

...Read more
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Internet Chinese slang

You've probably heard by now of the internet slang created mostly by youths chatting online or computer hackers/programmers. But most of those stories was about English slang.

I saw an interesting program about Chinese (HK) slang on the internet, or rather Cantonese (HK). Cantonese, if you know, is already quite vernacular and has quickly evolving slangwords.

There was 1 interesting example:

"十 卜" means support as in my friends support me.


 "十"  is the word for "...Read more

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Harikiri - the movie

I saw this movie sometime ago on Netflix. It's become one of my favorite Japanese period pieces.

Why it's one of the best samurai movies ever made.

But what's amazing about it is not just the compelling story, the great acting, the realistic dialogue (ok subtitles...), but the very surprising theme of honour (or rather the lack of it).

It's a period of peace ...Read more

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Exercise/Diet/Swim update

  1. Swimming: So like I said, I'm swimming a lot more now; doing a lot of sprints breast stroke and freestyle - trying to work on my form. I'm way faster than I ever used to be mostly because of my improved technique (thanks to Eva).

So in a previous blog, I mentioned the old lady who tried to steal my lane.... turns out everyone does this - I think I understand now, it's a game of chicken. Whoever perseveres, gets the lane, and I'm in it to win it. So after several encounters and 2 swipes and a kick...Read more

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It's June 11th at 6:11pm!

Time to leave!

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Surfwise - the movie

I came across this on an episode of the Colbert Report (feat. Stephen Colbert ("t" is silent on Colbert and Report... and all other words ending in "rt" like "Sport")

Imagine you're a doctor in the 50s in America with a wife and kid. You have a good job, a home in middle-class america. One way, you sell everything, you pack your family into a camper, and you drive. and keep on driving to create your utopia.

And you raise your family (which eventually grows to 9 kids) on beaches and surfin...Read more

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Congrats George Takei

George Takei travels to a new frontier. After decades of a relationship with his manager, they tie the knot in California!

You probably know him best as Lt. Sulu of Star Trek fame, but he also recent did a voiceover (of the Masked Man) in Justin Lin's Finishing the Game.


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Sichuan Earthquake Relief 四川地震

By now, I'm sure everyone has heard of the tragedy in Sichuan in the aftermath of a large earthquake (in addition to the tragedy already happening in Burma and exacerbated by the Junta's obstructive actions).

If you can, please help in any way such as making a donation.

I highly recommend Oxfam as they have a great reputation for making sure donated funds go where they are needed.

Oxfam has a fund for both China earthquake and Myanmar.

Read more

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