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Girls DO have cooties after all


A new study found that women have a greater variety of bacteria on their hands than men do. 

The researchers aren't sure why women harbored a greater variety of bacteria than men, but Fierer suggested it may have to so with the acidity of the skin. Knight said men generally have more acidic ...Read more

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Thailand 08 - Chiang Mai and BKK (PART 1)


DAY1 - Chiang Mai

Flew into BKK airport, waited around for the connecting flight to Chiang Mai... the flight that got delayed. And Thai Airways, I love you, you're friendly and have great service, but what is with the tardiness in boarding times?

Arrived in Chiang Mai. Our Thai friends arranged a pick up for us and we go to this lovely hotel hidden from the busy main street in a grove of bamboo and walls. It has a nice swimming pool, spa, restaurant, and comfortable fu...Read more

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Even the King has his down days

Hefner is "down in the dumps" after his girlfriend broke up with him.


Hefner said he and the three women are committed to a sixth season, but he plans to seek out new live-in lovers. Hefner said 19-year-old Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are living in the mansion, but they're aren't his girlfriends — yet.

"...Read more

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Asian American website

I came across an interesting site that has some decent articles (the interviews vary in quality from the bland and repetitive to the insightful); some of those articles offer peeks into the industry.

For example, I just read about Roy Lee, a former lawyer who went on to become a producer and brings Asian movies to Hollywood (Think the Ring and the Departed -  wow!). It seems he also had a hand in bringing American Beauty to the screen. Pretty cool.

Read more

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fears of nazism stop you from buying illegal substances?

Think about who you're supporting when you buy illicit or even legal products...

Helen Mirren stopped buying cocaine when she realized the criminal network tied to it, and in her case, it was reading about how Klaus Barbie, an infamous Nazi, was living the easy life in S. America as a cocaine baron.

This theory  seems valid regardless whether you're a proponent of hard or soft drugs (unless you know the ultimate source and the entire network involved), or even regular commercial...Read more

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handstands and yoga

I did my first independent handstand today (and hold it in control for as long as I want); it was quite a thrill.Up to now, I had relied on a wall or a friend to help. Today, all on my own - quite a feeling.I had learned how to do one long ago of course, but was always off-balanced or not in total control resulting in a very unstable handstand. I had learned it as a kid in karate class. Basically, forming a tripod with your hands and head, you then rest your knees on your elbows and press up with your abs/trunks/hips/legs.Anyways, what ma...Read more

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apple lawsuit

At the heart of this lawsuit is whether the consumer gets to buy generic hardware to use the Apple OS, or pay a premium for its hardware.

Let's see if Apple gets hit with antitrust:


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New Sigma point & shoot camera

There's a new player.. ahem.. new product in town, and it's the point & shoot camera with a big ass sensor.

Sigma, (I suppose is best known for its lenses) has come out with a revolutionary product that the other big brands never dared to do (whether for technical reasons or for fear of cannabalizing its high-end dslr sales, etc.) - what is so special about this camera?

Most point and shoots use a small sensor to receive the light that comes through the lens (and open shutter). The sensor basical...Read more

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Facebook sues Studiovz the German "clone"

Facebook is suing Studiovz, a networking site, for copying its look and feel. Are they going with a trade dress claim? That may be tough to do.

Apparently, Studiovz, whose site looks almost identical to Facebook (which in and of is not easy to sue on), also stole Facebook CSS files (apparently, Error messages still identified itself as "Facebook" material)

From the comments, it seems there's a lot of "clones" out there in India, Germany, Russia, China, etc.

Al...Read more

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artist categories

just curious, are there any asian/ AA science-fiction writers out there? novelists (besides Amy Tan)? Wondering if there's any good asian / AA writers that don't write about the "Asian" experience. you know, sci fi, mystery, nonfiction, etc.

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