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It's a key! It's USB! It's USB key!

Now why didn't someone think of that before?


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WACOM makes DJ machine

How interesting.

The maker of writing tablets - WACOM - has stepped into the foray of music machines by debuting its DJ interface machine.


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Sony-Ericsson's new phone marketing

SE must really know its target audience... makes me want to buy a bike, I mean, phone!


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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

<...Read more
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DVD movie versions

I like to check out extended or directors versions of movies I like just to see what a different vision the director might have had.

Many "extended versions" out there, however, are lame marketing gimmicks with a few extra scenes or a line here or there.

Some, however, really enhance the story or flesh out more characterizations. Some, sadly, contain extraneity or provide unnecessary and poor distraction.

  1. The Good:

Ridley Scott's version of The Kingdom of Heaven: The story changes ...Read more

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more movies

I relaxed in the days after new year, and watched several movies, some good, some moving but depressing, and some downright awful (the kind that's awful, but you keep watching to see how awful it gets), so here it is:

The Good

The Depressing

and the


Good (Uplifting)

  1. The Good. "Deja Vu". This is, at its heart, a crime thriller with Denzel Washington (and he's done a few of those e.g. Bone Collector). The interesting twist is that there's a dose of science fiction thro...Read more
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Happy 2009

Happy New Year to everyone, it was great to see everyone at the AnD party at Racks!

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You just got smacked by a 9 yo

Look, I don't know if the Microsoft exam is hard, but I'm sure it's quite an achievement when you're nine, and I'm sure lots of adults can't pass.


I think what really got me was the fact that she recited a 1300 couplet Tamil poem when she was 3.

The youngster has a long history of making records in her short life -- inclu...Read more

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Bob in Wonderland

Sometimes I really wonder about my workplace.....

Example 1:

A co-worker recently transferred departments from here to Beijing site.  Reasonably enough, he had some transfer paperwork to take care of.  At first, I thought, ok, you might need 3 dept. heads to sign off on your transfer:

a. Your current supervisor (possibly his boss if the sup is not senior enough)

b. Your future sup (possibly his boss)

c. HR guy (maybe 2 - one for each site)

So, I was thinking maybe 3-6 signatures at the most. <...Read more

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E71 review

I've not had real phone service (ie contract with added services) for a few years now, just been using pay as you go along with a ok, but simple phone.

Recently, I got a contract and phone, and I've got to say, I'm extremely pleased with my Nokia E71. While it's different from a iPhone (which has ease of use, good set of pre-installed apps, etc.), it's something I recognize as very handy:

  1. QWERTY: I like the feel of touchscreen, and apple prob has the best hw/sw touch available, but it's not without ...Read more

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