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as some of you may know, I've been away on some trips. Will blog about that soon enough and upload some of my pics.

In the meantime, I took a look at some new trailers, some very interesting movies out there coming soon:

Avatar. A James Cameron film about a soldier who infiltrates an alien race so that military-industrials can take over the planet's resources.  The method of infiltration is of course implied by the title.

The Wolfman: the trailer hints at a great cast, De Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weavin...Read more

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For the Transformers/Decepticon fans


Now you can get a Ravage Decepticon that transforms into a USB stick!

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Fitness Website

I was looking for some information and came across this guy, Scooby, on Youtube, who has a great deal of useful info on bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition.

His videos online are easy to understand, simple, and shows you how easy it is to exercise from home with minimal purchases: no expensive gym membership, no payment plan for large metal contraptions, etc. - just some dumbbells, and a few other inexpensive items - all his exercises can be done from home.

Now if you goto his website: Read more

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Invisible Art

An art student from England made a car "invisible" by painting it to match its surroundings (viewed from the right angle):


Sara Watson from U of Central Lancashire

This is from another angle so you could see more c...Read more

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HK Dog Rescue Fundraiser APRIL 26th

Sorry for the late notice.

My sister volunteers at the HKDR (Not Joyce, but the other sister), and asked me to tell u folks.

HKDR is doing a fundraiser to help with maintenance of its kennels - that it uses to take care of abandoned dogs.

The event is


The location is WANCHAI DOG PARK, and entry is only 200HKD.


So bring your friends, your four-legged friends, and support this charity!

Read more

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Urban Ninjas

I like watching these videos that are showing up on Youtube of "urban ninjas."  From Socal to France to Russia, it seems like there's a lot of kids out there with lots of talent and obvious discipline and hardwork.

This is something I saw recently.  As you can see from the silhouette, those shots and moves are done one-handed while holding the camera. I like the one where he lets go of the bike, runs alongside, and then hops back on.

The dice shots are pretty cool too.

Read more

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Macao Concert Aftermath: John Legend at the Ferry

Looks like a lot of us had a great time at the John Legend concert and the pool party in Macao a couple weekends ago judging by the various posts and photos.

Truth be told, I don't know much about his music, but I was impressed by his live performance and his voice, and I enjoyed his music.

Some of the lucky artists and friends here on AnD got to meet him backstage, at the pool party etc., but looks like I'm the lucky one to see him last at the Macao ferry terminal before he left. lol....Read more

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fitness regimen update

It's now been about a half-year since I went on my fitness regimen.

In principle, all I did was balance caloric intake and output.

The rest was sticking to the plan come hell or high water, and really not giving an inch.

  1. On a daily basis, I shifted meals earlier with a bigger breakfast (mostly revolving around oatmeal which is a complex carb and is digested over a longer period, thus I won't feel hungry)

I regulate portion size (ie de-Americanize my portions). Also, no more "xi...Read more

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Viral Battery

This sounds pretty amazing:


Researchers who have trained a tiny virus to do their bidding said on Thursday they made it build a more efficient and powerful lithium battery.

They changed two genes in the virus, called M13, and got it to do two things: build a shell made out of a compound called iron ...Read more

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Philip K Dick the prophet & the Struktable


Strukt Design Studio has something called the Struktable, a multi-touch table, inspired by stories such as Minority Report.

Bit by bit, Dick's tech-fantasy future is becoming reality.

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