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customized cell phone companies


Creating your own "phone company" by buying bulk air time from Verizon and using your own brand.

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I was talking about someone the other day, and we touched on the subject of diversity, ethnic identity issues, and Chinese culture.

A few thoughts come to mind:

What' s wrong with trying to improve Chinese culture even if it means importing ideas from elsewhere? Is that against Chinese culture?

Who gets to decide who's "Chinese"? the older generation (in which case, the oldest Chinese living person?), the HK person (who's influenced by Brits), the Taiwan (waisheng or besheng), the overseas Chinese (wh...Read more

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Happy Birthday Terence!!

A WHOLE bunch of us went out for a fabulous surprise birthday dinner. and a lot of toasting. What a glorious night. A-Man-da.

Happy Birthday, and here's to good times and to Alivenotdead. It's like your baby, man!

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Fight Night

What an amazing weekend.

I went with Terence and the boys (and Marina, who's definitely no boy) to Kowloon to see Fight Night. I know very little about the HK cantopop scene and even less about HK rock or HK indie stuff, but I was in for a great surprise. Our friends from 24 herbs, KK and his band, and others showed up with Paul to perform. Also sightings of Audioplay members, etc. Super performances, and the crowd soaked it up.

There's good diversity and talent and potential here, stuff that doesn't show up on the sur...Read more

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Congrats to my boy, Terence, and the Man5 group for launching this site after watching them (from afar) going through many hours staring at screens, typing away, wringing their hair, etc., etc. Here's to the fruits of your endeavours, and meeting all sort of cool and nice people, and to the indie scene.

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sometimes aquatic. sometimes airborne. but pretty grounded.

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